Dragon Ball Super: Release Date & Spoilers of Chapter 88


Dragon Ball Super’s Chapter 88 is expected to be released in the next upcoming days.

Chapter 88:

According to the reports and sources circulating on the internet and social media, it tells that Dragon Ball Super’s Chapter 88 is in the pipeline. Many fans around the world can’t wait for any more for this chapter right now. They are waiting for it to be rolled out as soon as possible, so they can read it.

Shueisha has been rolling out new monthly chapters of the Dragon Ball Super manga series with the help of the artist, Toyatarou, and the series creator, Akira Toriyama. The last Chapter 87 was released in August 2022. Fans are wondering what will be coming in the next arc after the Granolah, the Survivor Arc.

You can check the latest details about the DBS (Dragon Ball Super) Chapter 88 below. Check everything below:

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Is Black Frieza the main villain?

The creator Akira Toriyama and the artist Toyatarou are keeping the details of the upcoming arc under wraps. They don’t want to tell much about the new chapter right now. However, looking at the final chapter of the Granolah the Survivor Arc, it pretty much tells that Frieza will be involved in the story.

As of now, it’s still unknown that Frieza will be the main antagonist of the next Dragon Ball Super arc, but fans can expect Goku and Vegeta to train harder to double up their chances of taking out the most powerful transformation of the villain that is known as Black Frieza.

At the moment, there are no details that are out on the Dragon Ball’s official website related to the next Dragon Ball Super arc. Moreover, we can see more familiar characters, which are Broly and Jiren, returning, but they won’t be becoming the villains of the next arc of DBS.

Stay tuned to the news and reports of Dragon Ball Super, so you can get information once Shueisha reveals the details for the next arc.

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Release Date:

As per the reports and sources, it tells that the release date of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 88 is not confirmed yet. Fans can expect it in the month of October because there are no reports that it will arrive in September 2022.


As per the sources and reports, there are no accurate spoilers of Chapter 88 of Dragon Ball Super. Nobody has hinted at anything related to DBS right now. In the next few days, we might get some spoilers from reliable leakers, but at the moment, there are no spoilers for fans across the world.

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