One Piece Chapter 1056 Cross Guild: Review, Spoilers & More


One Piece’s manga Chapter 1056 is coming soon for the manga fans.


According to the reports and sources that are present on social media and the internet, it tells that Chapter 1056 will be available for the fans in the coming days, but at the moment, it is available in Japan right now.

The chapter starts by showing Shinobu and Raizo as the other members of the Nine Red Scabbards looking after them. While they both update each other on the situation of Wano, Kin’emon tells about his wife’s wellbeing. Furthermore, he shares with the others the plan they want to pursue and live in the country’s capital.

Carrot will be making an appearance after it is summoned by Dogstorm. Both Dogstorm and Cat Viper make the rabbit Mink the next ruler of Mokomo Dukedom. Both of them will be revealing their future plan to Wano and choose to remain as Mononosuke’s retainers. They have acknowledged the growth of the young Mink after they traveled with the Straw Hat Pirates.

Carrot doubts her capabilities by replacing the two. She knows that there are far more powerful Minks than her. However, Dogstorm’s Three Musketeers and Wanda are all set to put trust in her, and they also promise to protect Zou as their new leader. Their reason is that Pedro will be living strongest inside her.

The passing of titles and responsibilities ends with Dogstorm. It makes the country trust the younger generation. Meanwhile, Sukiyaki also reveals who he is to Momonosuke and Hiyori.

Momo and Hiyori are glad that they have learned that one of their relatives is alive, while the Red Scabbards, except for Kin’emon. Sukiyaki offers to share each and everything he knows. He further requests to be granted to live among the common folk anonymously.

On the Straw Hats’ side, Robin tells her crewmate about the discovery. Pluton is hiding within Wano. Luffy has noted that Pluton’s revelation shocks Franky the most. 

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There are some spoilers for Chapter 1056. Read them below:

  • Cover page will have Katakuri and Owen v. Germa
  • Former Shichibukai and World Govt. will be setting up a new organization.
  • Captain Buggy will be in charge. He will be putting bounties on Marine’s.
  • Luffy, Kid, and Law will be heading towards different routes.
  • Neko and Inu will be staying behind in Wano.
  • Straw Hat Pirates will be leaving Wano while Caribou is in the Sunny.

What happened in Chapter 1055:

Chapter 1055 of One Piece showed Momonosuke steeling his resolve and facing Navy Admiral Ryokugyu (Aramaki). Shogun’s bravery made him take down the heavily resembled Kaido’s Blast Breath.

Despite continuously being beaten by the Navy Admiral. Momo didn’t want Yamato to pick a fight. Moom wanted Wano to be able to defend itself from the evil forces.

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Moreover, Momo managed to force Aramaki to turn into the human form as the Admiral was about to re-engage with the young dragon. Shanks got in, who was accompanied by his powerful Supreme King Haki.

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