New Technology Has Arrived That Allows One To Speak With Dead Relatives


The new technology that is coming for the world will be making your dead relatives speak.

The New Technology Allowing Dead Relatives To Speak:

According to the reports and sources that are circulating on the internet and social media, it tells that there is a new technology coming that will allow the dead relatives to speak. You can now speak to your dead ones. For some people, it’s an amazing feature. Let’s see what developments will be in this technology in the upcoming days.

As per the leaks and rumors, this technology is created by a California-based company, Here After AI. The company has the goal to achieve to let the living ones communicate with their dead ones. However, technology like this will probably enable communication with the deceased ones.

It has been a decades-old mainstay of science fiction. Many people who are in the health industry and spiritualists have been wanting this technology for years. HereAfter is here to make it a reality, and they will be making it accessible for everyone. All thanks to the advancement in AI and voice technology.

Most of our loved ones are alive, and their virtual versions will be created to let us understand the technology in an easier way. Some individuals will find this technology scary or creepy because of the loved ones they have lost, and they don’t want to get emotional. Of course, any person would feel sad if they ever see their loved ones again talking to them. Meanwhile, some people think that messing with death is kind of dangerous.

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According to many people, these concerns are spot on. Talking to a virtual version of your loved ones will make you feel creepy.

How Does The Technology Work?

HereAfter AI app will enable the users to talk and interact with their loved ones from the past or the present. This technology will sound like it came straight out of a drama or something like this. The app will only let you talk to your family members who aren’t here with us anymore. It won’t allow you to talk to any deceased friend, celebrity, or historical figure.

The app first recognizes a person’s voice and information using video, letter, or voice recordings. Then, it takes control of the smartphone and interacts with the bot. Furthermore, HereAfter AI keeps track of a person’s life story.

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