Worldwide Mobile Data Pricing List 2022


A table of mobile data costs around the world is out for the year 2022.

Mobile Data Cost Around The World:

As per the reports and leaks, it says that there are some countries that are selling the 1 GB at an expensive as well as there are countries that have a very low rate for 1 GB.

Mobile data has been changing its game, and it has gone to the next level. The blazing-fast speed of the mobile internet is amazing. You can get your tasks done, and things are done in a jiffy. There was a time when you had to wait on your phone to even load a page on a browser. Now it is totally different. The average cost of 1 GB of mobile data across the world is $8.53.

Moreover, there are some countries in this who have the lowest cost of mobile data, which is $0.05, but also there are other countries in this same world that have the same data plan priced at $50.

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Below is the list of the countries and their mobile data plans’ prices:

  • Equatorial Guinea: (1 GB at $49.67)

The lowest 1 GB basket is priced at $4.48

  • The Falkland Islands: (1 GB at $44.56)

Lowest 1 GB basket price: $24.97

  • Saint Helena: (1 GB at $39.87)
  • São Tomé and Príncipe: (1 GB at $30.97)

Lowest 1 GB basket price: $9.92

  • Malawi: (1 GB at $25.46)

Lowest 1 GB basket price: $3.00

  • Chad: (1 GB at $23.33)

Lowest 1 GB basket price: $17.10

  • Namibia: (1 GB at $22.37)

Lowest 1 GB basket price: $10.50

  • Turkmenistan: (1 GB at $21.41)
  • Tokelau: (1 GB at $20.48)
  • Bermuda: (1 GB at $19.80)
  • Yemen: (1 GB at $15.98)
  • Cocos (Keeling) Islands: (1 GB at $13.47)
  • Cayman Islands: (1 GB at $11.97)
  • Caribbean Netherlands: (1 GB at $10.94)
  • Italy: (1 GB at $0.04)
  • San Marino: (1 GB at $0.14)
  • Fiji: (1 GB at $0.15)
  • India: (1 GB at $0.17)

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Some Countries Are Missing Data:

As per the reports and sources, some of the countries from this are missing from this data. It is because of the availability. Many countries aren’t able to get 3G or 4G. They are still on the 2G connectivity, where they can only make calls and text each other.

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