Apple Acknowledges SIM Error On iPhone 14: Investigating The Issue.


Apple’s iPhone 14 is giving yet another error related to SIM. The tech giant is currently looking into the matter.

‘SIM Not Supported’ Error on iPhone 14:

According to the reports and sources that are circulating on the internet and social media, it tells that the tech-giant Apple has acknowledged some reports coming out from their users of the latest and all-new iPhone 14 series that they are getting a message which reads ‘SIM not supported’ is appearing on their device.

After this message pops up on their iPhone, the phone gets entirely freezes. As of now, Apple is currently investigating the issue, and they have said that it’s not a hardware problem. They have directed their customers to keep their iPhones up to date.

Meanwhile, the investigation is going on right now. Apple has advised their customers to wait for minutes whenever they get this message on their iPhones. If the message keeps occurring, and it doesn’t go, customers better not attempt to restore the device; this is what officials from Apple have said in the report.

However, customers need to rush to Apple Store or any authorized service provider where they have to submit a request for technical assistance. The staff at the store will handle the rest.

As per the sources, it’s not the first time Apple has acknowledged its latest iPhones. In the initial days of the iPhone 14 series in the hands of their customers, there were reports full of issues and bugs which were circulating on the internet and social media. Some of the issues were device activations and camera vibrations. Both of the issues were resolved in the latest updates of iOS 16.

Apple is now testing iOS 16.2 with devs and beta testers, with an expected launch in the month of December.

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iOS 16:

iOS 16 is the latest OS from Apple. The latest operating system of Apple comes with some incredible features. The notable features include a revamped and full-fledged customizable lock screen, which gives an array of options to the users to keep whichever thing they want on their lock screen.

iOS 16.1 is here with a new set of features and many improvements. Devs have put their effort into bringing a better user experience for the users. iOS 16.2 is in the pipeline right now, and it will be coming soon for the users.

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