Finding the XUR in Destiny 2? What’s Its Location?


Bungie recently released a new update for the Destiny 2 to let the players around the world play with the new stuff in the game, and they did some improvements to the game too.

The developer hasn’t revealed where the players can find the merchant in the game, they have to discover it by themselves. Also, there’s a new season weapons update that will arrive in mid-season. With this, fans are expecting some changes to the game.

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How To Locate XUR Today in Destiny 2?

According to the reports, it says that the XUR won’t be back in Destiny until 6 PM BST on 1st July 2022. For the players from North America, it means they have to wait until 10 AM PDT before for the exotics merchant.

As per the rumors and leaks, XUR will be coming back in the game with a number of exotic weapons and armour as well as Legendary gear for the players.

Just about the last week, XUR was selling these exotics on sale through normal currency:

  • The Merciless Energy Fusion Rifle
  • The Gwisin Vest Hunter Chest Armor
  • The Citan’s Ramparts Titan Gauntlets
  • The Eye of Another World
  • The Hawkmoon Kinetic Hand Cannon
  • The Dead Man’s Tale

There are expectations of gamers that the lineup of exotics will be upgraded when the mid-season Weapons update arrives at the game. Also, there are chances that the current roster will be tweaked. Currently, Bungie is focusing on rebalancing the weapons that are popular in the game and how effective and accurate they are in PvP.

The players have to wait till the XUR appears on the game, and they have to find it on their own.

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Mid-Season Weapon Update:

According to the reports, Bungie has revealed something for the midseason Weapons update. It says ‘The Last Word has reached a usage level on the controller where it warranted some adjustment – with this change it will be a little harder to land crits while hip-firing, and it will be less deadly at extended range”

‘Gjallarhorn is much too dominant as Heavy weapon choice in PVP and Gambit, due to proximity detonation making it very easy to use, and Wolfpack Rounds finishing Guardians who should be far enough away to be safe”

The official Twitter handle of Bungie tweeted, ‘This week at Bungie, we are getting ready for Grandmaster Nightfalls’

Players can expect some improvements in the game with this new update that will be arriving soon.

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