All The New WhatsApp Features To Make Chat More Efficient & Private, 2022


The popular messaging platform, WhatsApp, will be rolling out a new set of features to make the chat more efficient and private.

WhatsApp New Features:

According to the reports and sources, it tells that WhatsApp will be rolling out a new update with a new set of features for their users to make the chat more efficient and private. As per reliable sources, WhatsApp is currently working on some of the features that will be coming to Android and iOS platforms.

As we’ve seen, WhatsApp is adding new features occasionally. They are doing all of this for a better user experience and to make it easier to handle the application.

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WhatsApp Current Features:

Below you can take a look at the features that WhatsApp has rolled out for the users:

The ‘Delete For Me’ Feature:

With the help of this feature, you can restore the deleted messages which you did use the ‘Delete For Me’ feature. You will have a few seconds to use the ‘undo’ feature, so the message that was deleted comes back in the chat. This feature is currently in its pilot phase for iOS users, and later on, it will be expanded to Android and Desktop users too.

WhatsApp Polls:

This feature will help the users to create polls for the group participants. You will be able to share the polls with other members of the group. You can put around 12 options in the poll. As of now, the feature is mainly for Android users right now. As per sources, it will be expanded to iOS and Desktop users.

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Selective Online Status:

This feature will help out the users who want to manage on their own to let other users know if they are online or not. This is strictly a privacy feature from WhatsApp for users right now. It’s on Android right now. It will be expanded in the coming days.

Importing Backups Feature:

This feature will be helping out the users create backups of their recent chats and media. Further, they can import these backups to their important chats and media.

Editing The Sent Messages:

This feature is pretty much similar to the editing the sent messages feature in Telegram. Users can edit their sent messages on WhatsApp. It will help in editing the typing-error message for the users on the Desktop.

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