One Piece Chapter 1063: Spoilers & Release Date: Luffy To Ally With Dr. Vegapunk


OP fans have to wait for One Piece’s Chapter 1063 chapter which will be coming soon for them.

One Piece Chapter 1063:

According to the reports and sources that you will find on the internet and social media, it tells that One Piece Chapter 1063 will be coming soon for fans across the world. They have to wait for the next chapter to be released.

Spoilers and Hints:

At the moment, we are still unknown to the fact that there will be confirmed spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1063 or not. However, the official release for Chapter 1062 has been delayed by a day. The raw scans and summaries will be released between 11th October to 13th October. As of now, we have some hints and unconfirmed spoilers for our fans:

  • Information about Shanks and his relationship with Mihawk
  • There will be flashbacks ace on Vegapunk Island
  • Revolutionaries will be with Vivi
  • We will be seeing Mugis
  • Shanks is not the main character of this chapter, but for the fans, Shanks is 8/10
  • The chapter will tell us about events in the world
  • They will be having the ‘government’ in the chapter

At the moment, this is all that we know so far. We will keep adding some confirmed leaks and hints that will be coming our way. Fans can keep track of spoilers, hints, and raw scans. There will be a full plot summary with more updates. You can stay tuned with us.

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Release Date and Time:

As per the reports and sources, it tells that One Piece Chapter 1063 is expected to be released on 17th October, Monday, at 12:00 AM Japan standard time. Some people say there can be a one-day delay in it. For the fans across the world, we have the list of time zones that they live in:

  • 9 AM at Pacific Time
  • 11 AM at Central Time
  • Midday at Japanese Time
  • 5 PM at British Time

Where To Read Chapter 1063?

Fans across the world can read Chapter 1063 of One Piece from Shonen Jump’s official website or Manga Plus. They can read the latest three chapters if they want. Also, if they want to have access to all chapters, they have to subscribe to the service.

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Fans who will be looking forward to the latest chapter can go to these websites and experience the chapters on 17th October or after that.

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