iPhone 14 Battery Replacement Cost Is 43 Percent More Than iPhone 13


Cupertino-based tech giant Apple’s new flagship series, iPhone 14, comes with an expensive battery replacement.

iPhone 14’s Battery Replacement Cost:

According to the reports and sources that have been circulating on the internet and social media, it tells that the tech giant apple will be charging more than the iPhone 13 series for the repair of the new iPhones.

There’s a report which claims that iPhone 14’s battery repair is costing more than 43 percent more than the regular iPhone 13’s battery. Apple has been confirming via 9to5Mac that they will be charging $99 for the battery replacement of new iPhones.

The sources claim that the battery replacement cost for the iPhone 14 series will cost $99 in the US market. The same battery replacement of the iPhone 13 series was $69. Apple has increased the price by $30.

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It is pretty much surprising that both of the iPhones, 13 and 14, have almost the same battery unit inside them. The cost has to be similar, and it’s not high as well. In recent reports, iPhone 14 has a 3279maH battery, while the older model has a 3227mAh battery inside it. There is not much of a difference in terms of battery capacity. This case also applies to the other models of the iPhone 14 series.

It is unknown why Apple is charging so much for the newer models. The increase in price for battery replacement by Apple will be for every region of the world. Moreover, users of the iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, and iPhone SE range will remain the same. It was $49, and it will be the same.

For people who have iPhone 12 series, 11 series, and X lineup, they will be charged $69 for their battery replacement. Remember, these prices are for those phones which are out-of-warranty and don’t have AppleCare+. You can get your battery replaced at authorized Apple repair stores.

Apple typically replaces a battery within the AppleCare+ service if the device’s battery has fallen below 80 percent or lower. The company states that its batteries are rated to last 500 cycles before hitting 80 percent.

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Apple iPhone 14 Series:

The tech giant Apple has recently dropped its latest iPhone 14 series to the public. The phones are amazing, and they come with a full-fledged camera setup that is able to shoot flicker-free videos at higher resolutions.

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