Crunchyroll Crashed on Chainsaw Man Premiere: Too Many Users


Chainsaw Man’s premiere made it so big that the official website of Crunchyroll crashed.

Crunchyroll Got Crashed After Chainsaw Man’s Premiere:

According to the reports and sources that are circulating on the internet and social media, it tells that Crunchyroll’s official website crashed after Chainsaw Man’s premiere. Some of the reports said that a load of users did this to Crunchyroll’s website. Many users were present on the website, and the website couldn’t handle that amount of users at the same time, so it crashed.

This anime adaptation was the long-awaited Tatsuki Fujimoto’s shōnen manga, which was aired after crashing Crunchyroll’s servers in the process.

Chainsaw Man is the fourth anime after Attack on Titan (AoT), One Piece, and Dragon Ball Super, which caused problems for the popular anime streaming service.

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What Does Chainsaw Man Have For The Fans?

The very first episode of Chainsaw Man turned out to be a huge hit among fans. It is thrilling, moving, and downright epic, which balances the gore and feelings. It is a show that is a mixture of horror and action set in a modern world which features ‘devils.’ The demonic creatures will be able to have powers to control the humans. It will be creating a hybrid of a dog and a chainsaw. It is absolutely bizarre and innovative at the same time.

The story revolves around Denji, who’s a broke young adult who makes a deal with the devil to pay the debts his father has on his head. Just like other shōnen protagonists, his journey kicks start with getting into a new adventure that will begin in the first episode of the show. He has a tragic backstory with incredible powers, but what makes him different from other heroes is his lacking of a great goal.

As of now, he doesn’t want any type of revenge, and he is not seeking any type of justice. He isn’t going to save the world. Denji is not a regular guy whose dream is to live a simple and peaceful life. He has just met the devil, with whom he will be playing around in the whole anime.

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Denji’s voice actor, Kikunosuke Toya, did a good thing, bringing the main character to life. It makes the audience instantly care about him.

MAPPA really went the extra mile of bringing the animation of Chainsaw Man by putting chilling and gory vibes in the anime.

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