One Piece Chapter 1057: Spoilers and What To Expect


One Piece Chapter 1057 is in the talks, and it will be coming soon for manga lovers.


According to the reports that are circulating on social media and the internet, One Piece’s Chapter 1057’s official release date might be delayed by a week because of the publication break. As per the leaks and rumors, it hints that Yamato might not be joining the crew. This is breaking news for some fans.

According to a Twitter user named ‘One Piece Spoiler,’ it gives a hint that Yamato is going. The tweet has a peach emoji and a fox emoji, with a text of ‘Bye’ and a waving goodbye emoji. Under this, there’s a torii gate emoji with a ‘Bye’ text and a waving goodbye emoji.

Most of the fans have taken this as that emoji denotes for Momonosuke and Kin’emon. At the same time, the torii gate denotes that the Straw Hats will be departing from Wano in the next upcoming issue.

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The same Twitter account tweeted, which says, ‘Yamato fans will like Chapter 1057 a lot but in a strange way’. This makes the fan think that she won’t be joining the crew in the upcoming chapter. Many theories that are available say that she won’t be joining the crew.

A well-known and very reputable ScotchInformer, said, ‘I guess many of you won’t be happy, but I am so happy’ about the issue. Most of the fans out there have taken this information and are pretty sure that Yamato isn’t joining the crew in the end. A vast majority of the series’ fan base wanted to see her as part of the crew.

Another major hint which came from WorstGen forum boards, where one of the leakers says, in reference to Yamato and Carrot joining, stated, ‘we all won, but maybe not in the way we wanted. All of this was followed by promises from a majority of fans enjoying the upcoming issue.

Since Carrot is included in this hint, many fans think that Yamato has chosen to stay in Wano, while the Mink will be joining the Straw Hats for the rest of their journey.

Release Date and Time:

According to the reports and sources, Chapter 1057 of One Piece is scheduled to be released on 21st August 2022. Currently, the publisher of the magazine is on a break this week, so all the series which are included in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine have been scheduled to be released on 21st August 2022.

Below are the timings for the fans belonging from different time zones across the world:

  • 9 AM on Sunday at Pacific Time
  • 11 AM on Sunday at Central Time
  • Noon on Sunday at Eastern Time
  • 5 PM on Sunday at British Time

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Raw Scans Availability:

As per the leaks and rumors that are present on social media and the internet, the raw scans will be available on Tuesday, 15th August, at 11 PM UTC. The raw scan images will be available in 8-20 hours after the release time.

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