One Piece: Anime Episode 1032: Plot, Release Date, and Where to Watch


Anime fans are about to get surprised by the newest addition to One Piece Anime’s episodes.

Release Date and Time:

According to the reports and sources that are circulating on the internet and social media, it tells that One Piece Anime will be getting a fresh new episode in the upcoming days. At the moment, all we know about the episode is that it will be coming on 11 September 2022 for the public.

We have the timelines for the fans across the world. Read them below:

  • Pacific Time: 7 PM (10 September)
  • Eastern Time: 10 PM (10 September)
  • British Time: 3 AM (11 September)
  • European Time: 4 AM (11 September)
  • India Time: 7:30 AM (11 September)
  • Philippine Time: 10 AM (11 September)
  • Australia Central Time: 11:30 AM (11 September)

Fans can gear up for the all-new episode on these timings if they belong to these regions.

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As per the reports and sources, the plot of the One Piece Episode 1032 has been unknown till now. At the moment, we aren’t aware of what will be happening in the new episode. The episode will be aired at the mentioned times, and then we will get to know what is happening in the anime.

As of now, we can give you a recap of what happened in the previous episode, so you will know better will be happening in Episode 1032:

Hyogoro regains the strength and physical form of the past as a side effect of the virus, and with this newfound vigor, he defeats the samurai loyal to Kaido and several Oniwabanshu ninja. Meanwhile, on the roof, Luffy has rested and resumes fighting with the others.

Meanwhile, in the main hall, Marco keeps King and Queen at bay, but Perospero arrives, noticing that he is in trouble. Chopper summarizes the cure for the virus and his head on himself, but in the meantime, Hyogoro has reached his limit and asks his deputies to kill him before he loses his mind.

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Where To Watch?

Fans across the world who want to watch One Piece daily can tune into Crunchyroll. It offers the series on a daily basis to the viewers through simulcast, but as of now, you have to watch it in Japanese but with English subtitles. There are other streaming services that are offering One Piece, but the episodes aren’t updated every day. Also, note that Crunchyroll isn’t offering One Piece episodes for every region in the world.

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