One Piece Chapter 1065 – Release Dates, Spoilers & Summary


One Piece manga’s new chapter is in the pipeline right now. The fans can’t wait anymore to experience this new chapter now.

One Piece Chapter 1065:

As per the reports and sources, it tells that Chapter 1065 of One Piece is coming soon for manga fans across the world. Some reliable sources and leaks have said that the spoilers will be coming for this Chapter 3 days before the official release of the manga’s chapter. Many fans worldwide can’t wait anymore for the new chapter because they are looking forward to experiencing what will be happening in Monkey D Luffy’s life and in the whole One Piece story.

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Release Date:

According to the reliable sources that are present on the internet right now, it tells that the release date of Chapter 1056 will be the 6th to the 7th of November. It is because of the different timing and region. As we all know that One Piece is printed in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Leap journal, in which there’s a new chapter that comes out on Sunday every week. Most of the fans know that sometimes the timings fluctuate because of the time zones, so they are all set on Sundays to experience a new chapter. You can check the date and time of your region below:

  • Pacific Time: 9 AM
  • Central Time: 11 AM
  • Japanese Time: Midday
  • British Time: 5 PM


The release date of Chapter 1056 is pretty much around the corner, and so far, we have some spoilers for the manga fans. These spoilers came from a reliable leaker known as ‘@santo_ryuXx’ who says that the title of Chapter 1065 will be ‘Six Vegapunk.’ However, we can tell you that you have read these spoilers at your own risk. You can just leave it right here or carry on reading because there will be spoilers for the new chapter.

The chapter kicks off with a color spread. You can see Caribo with Zoro and Brook on the ship, as the 2nd group is with Lilith. On the next page, you will see Lilith guiding the group. You can see that Jinbe, the seraphim appear and start to attack the group. There’s a huge explosion that is happening, and you can see the crew dodging it.

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However, there will be a spoiler of where Robin is rushing to save Nami by attacking him, and you can see Ussop getting all set to re-attack. Ussop will be using his attacks, but they will be useless against him, and he will catch him. After this, Sanji will save him from using his attack.

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