Redmi 6A Battery Explodes And Kills Woman – Xiaomi Starts Probe


Xiaomi’s Redmi 6A is reporting some serious problems across the world.

Redmi 6A Battery Explodes:

According to the reports and sources that are circulating on the internet and social media, it tells that the Redmi 6A’s battery started to explode in many parts of the world. As of now, nobody is sure how many explosions have been reported so far. However, there’s a tech YouTuber, MD Talk YT, who reported that his aunt died after the Redmi 6A smartphone battery exploded at night.

For the very first time, a phone’s battery allegedly killed a person after its explosion. The Chinese-tech giant Xiaomi took notice of it and responded to the matter, and they said they are further investigating what actually caused this explosion.

YouTuber has said that the woman used to put the phone near her pillow whenever she went to sleep, and later on, sadly, it exploded. At the moment, YouTuber hasn’t revealed anything related to the phone or if it was on charge at the time of the incident.

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YouTuber took this matter to the popular social media platform, Twitter, to tweet about the sad incident. Furthermore, he tagged the company for more clarification.

His tweet says, ‘Hi @RedmiIndia, @manukumarjain, @s_anuj, yesterday in the night my aunty found dead, she was using Redmi 6A, she was sleeping, and she kept the phone near her face on pillow side & after some time her phone blast. It’s a bad time for us. It’s a responsibility of a brand to support.’

Also, the YouTuber added pictures of the deceased woman lying dead on her bed with blood all over her. There were some photos in which it showed that the Redmi 6A is completely damaged and burnt.

Xiaomi took quick action and commented on the matter, and they said that they are undergoing an investigation for the cause behind the explosion of the battery from their phone.

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Xiaomi’s Respond To The Matter:

Xiaomi India stated, ‘At Xiaomi India, customer safety is of utmost importance, and we take such matters extremely seriously. At this point, our team is trying to get in touch with the affected family in this time of difficulty and hope to support them in any way possible.’

Moreover, the company hasn’t officially revealed anything right now. They haven’t told the public the reason behind the explosion of the battery. Once they tell about why this matter occurred, readers will be updated on the story.

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