iPhone 14 Car Crash Detection Calls 911 When On Rollercoaster


iPhone 14 car crash detection calls 911 when the rollercoaster gives up a thrill ride.

iPhone 14 Car Crash Detection Calls 911:

According to the reports and sources that started to rotate on the whole internet and social media, it says that someone took a rollercoaster ride, and the iPhone 14’s car crash detection feature called 911 during that person’s thrill ride. It is in the reports that the phone mistook the bumps and jerks of the rollercoaster ride as car crashes.

Apple came up with a new feature that automatically calls emergency services when someone goes through a car crash. You get the same feature in the latest Apple watch. This feature detects the signs and vibrations, which are typically serious car accidents, and then later, it calls 911 if the owner forgets to cancel the call.

As per the sources and news, the new model went on sale back in September; since then, the Warren Country 911 communications center in Ohio has received around six crash-detection calls from different people on rides.

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Some of them were made automatically from King’s Island. It is an amusement park located near Cincinnati, which includes the Orion. A 91mph thrill ride that goes up more than 300ft (90 meters).

In some newspapers, it was reported that there is another device that was also triggered by the 12-story Joker rollercoaster at the 6 Flags Great American that is near Chicago.

There was an automated call made by phone by Sara White as she was enjoying a thriller ride that went 50mph on Mystic Timbers at Kings Island. It told emergency services of her coordinates and said, ‘The owner of this iPhone was in a severe car crash and is not responding to their phone.’ However, in the background of the automated message, there were cheers, and music could be heard.

Apple’s new crash detection alerts the emergency services when owners are in an unresponsive or unconscious condition. There was a deadly accident that happened in the US state of Nebraska, where a car hit a tree; the iPhone in that car alerted higher authorities even though there were no witnesses.

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Apple iPhone 14 Series:

Apple iPhone 14 is the latest iPhone from the tech giant Apple. It has some amazing features that outperform any other phone in this world. It comes with a blazing-fast chipset and incredible features inside it.

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