The Cost Of Hosting FIFA World Cups Since 1992 Revealed


The cost of hosting the FIFA World Cup since 1992 has been revealed.

Cost of Hosting FIFA World Cup:

According to the reports and social media that are circulating on the internet and social media, it tells that the real cost of hosting the FIFA World Cup has been revealed. The budget for hosting the world’s biggest football tournament has been changed.

The first details which were out of the files were for Italy, as per the reports. It cost around $4 billion for Italy to host the event. However, the cost has been increasing since then, after every tournament. It also depends on the stadium’s capacity and construction.

You can check out the hosting cost of FIFA World Cups below, which is revealed now.

World Cup of 1990 (Italy):

The FIFA World Cup of 1990, which was hosted by the Italy Football Federation, cost 4 billion. There were 12 cities chosen for the venues of the World Cup. It started on 8th June, and the final was played on 8th July 1990. The champions of this World Cup were West Germany and Argentina finished as the runner-up in the competition. The main profit was made by ticket sales, hotel business and fashion.

1994 FIFA World Cup in the USA:

As we know, the FIFA World Cup happens after every four years, so this year’s World Cup was hosted by the USA. It started on 18th June, and it began with a match and Switzerland. However, Brazil took the crown of this year’s event. Italy finished as the runner-up in the competition. The overall cost of this event was $500m.

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1998’s World Cup in France:

After waiting for four years, the footy fans were blessed with France’s 1998 World Cup. France not only hosted the whole event but also finished as the champions. They defeated Brazil in the finals. All of the matches of this event were played in 10 different stadiums that were adjusted for the World Cup.

The French football federation saw an incredible increase in ticket sales, so they made up some possible changes in the rents of hotels, fans who are staying and cultural activities. It is in the reports and says that around $2.33 billion budget was used for this year’s event.

World Cup 2002 in Korea & Japan:

The World Cup that happened in 2002 was hosted by South Korea and Japan. The data that is present on the internet tells that the event cost around $7 billion worth of money for constructing new stadiums before the cup. However, Brazil was lucky enough to lift the trophy this year. A huge profit was made by both of the country’s football federations after they saw a huge number of fans watching the match at the stadium.

Germany’s 2006 World Cup:

Germany earned the right to host the World Cup of 2006 in their own country. The host already has better football leagues, so the grounds of the country were in a better state. They wanted a little renovation, and they all were good to go. It didn’t require much money for Germany to use for the FIFA World Cup event. However, Italy lifted the trophy this year, and France was the runner-up in this event.

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South Africa’s 2010 World Cup:

South Africa was voted as the host for the 2010s World Cup. They earn many votes as well as hosting rights from FIFA. The football federation of South Africa invested around $3.6 billion worth of money in order to make stadiums and everything up to the mark to host the event in 9 different cities. However, Spain lifted the trophy of this year’s event after defeating the Netherlands in the finals.

2014 Brazil World Cup:

There were three bidders for hosting the 2014’s world cup. Only Brazil was retained in the bidding list, while Argentina and Colombia both weren’t chosen. As per the sources that are present on the internet, it tells that around $15 billion was used as the budget for this event. Also, Argentina was the runner-up in this year’s event, while Germany lifted the cup.

2018’s World Cup in Russia:

With the major European countries were in the list of getting hosting rights for the 2018’s World Cup, Russia took responsibility for it. It was voted the most for the hosting rights. The whole event that happened in Russia was for $11.6 billion. However, France became the winner again this year, and it was France’s 2nd time after 1998’s win. Croatia was the runner-up in this year’s event.

How FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar Became The Most Expensive To Date?

Qatar has won the right to host the FIFA World Cup 2022. The stadiums started to develop the stadiums, and they were completed before the tournament started. It’s the very first time that the event has moved from summer to winter due to the weather conditions and Covid-19 restrictions. It is in reports, and sources say that this year’s FIFA World Cup has cost more than $220 billion in Qatar.

It is reported that around 2.1 million fans are expected to attend the event. The biggest stadium of football with a huge seating capacity is also in Qatar. Around 30% of fans in the US and 25% of fans in the UK have requested tickets. The ticket is expensive enough, with more than $2000, which includes the gold package with food supply and seating capacity.

Some of the reports have said that Qatar has broken all the previous records, and the country has set some new records this year.

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