FIFA World Cup 2022 Prize Money & The List Of Prizes Revealed


Football’s biggest tournament is about to kick off in Qatar, and the list of prizes has been revealed.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Prize Money:

According to the reports and sources which are circulating on the internet, it tells that FIFA’s World Cup 2022 prize money will be hefty for the winners as well as runners-up.

Qatar is all set to be the host of the 2022’s FIFA World Cup event. There are 8 locations in 5 cities in which it will be fully crowded with exciting fans and football teams. All of these stadiums are specially built for this tournament.

There are around 32 teams from different confederations that will be taking part in the tournament to find out who will be the winner of the 22nd World Cup.

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How Much Will The Winner Be Getting?

Every year the budget is increasing for hosting the World Cup. It is becoming even more popular, and sponsors are paying hefty money for this event.

For the World Cup 2022 in Qatar, the budget for this year’s event is $700 million. The prize money will be distributed to all the participant teams. Every team will be bagging $2 million to prepare for the tournament.

They will be getting paid $10 million once they take part in the group stage. Teams who will keep progressing in the competition will be earning more money. However, the winner of this World Cup will be getting a whopping $50 million money prize. Overall, the prize money for the world champions will be $62 million in the prize money.

If FIFA is paying $209 million to the clubs for the players to take part in the tournament, then you can add insurance benefits to this, which are about $134 million.

Here is a breakdown of how much teams will be making money if they progress in the tournament:

  • Group stage: 7.7M USD
  • Round of 16: 11M USD
  • Quarter-finals: 14M USD
  • Fourth Place: 21M USD
  • Third Place: 23M USD
  • Runners-Up: 25M USD
  • Winners: 35M USD

So here’s the list of the prize money list which was revealed to the world. Now the event is kicking off soon, and it will be going on for one month. We will be watching incredible superstars of football playing with their international teams and making their nations proud. It will be an event filled with excitement.

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