Samsung TV Motherboard Replacement Cost Revealed

Samsung TV Motherboard Replacement Cost

Samsung has been a big name in the electronics industry. We hear about innovations and new products hitting the market every day. We marvel at how one firm can maintain such a close eye on their customers and introduce things that are constantly one step ahead of what their competitors have to offer. 

One of the world’s largest producers of electrical products, based in South Korea. Samsung manufactures a wide range of consumer and industrial electronics, including gadgets, digital media equipment, electronics, memory chips, and software solutions, among other things.

It has become one of the most well-known technological brands, accounting for almost a quarter of South Korea’s total exports.

Samsung produces excellent televisions in general. Their price range has risen slightly over time, but most individuals should still find a TV that meets their needs within it.

They’re usually highly adaptable and can be used for various purposes. You’ll have to pay a premium for their televisions, but you can rest assured that you’ll get superb picture quality, especially with the relatively high-end models.

Samsung is raising the bar. Their phones provide the best hardware, memory, ram, CPU, display, and cameras. Samsung TVs are easy to use and don’t have any complex features. The watches and electronic devices haven’t had any problems with it.

The customer service and warranty are amazing, and the product gives you the right value for money. 

Motherboard Replacement Cost: 

There could be a million reasons why your TV malfunctioned. The wire could’ve caused a short circuit, the power supply could be insufficient, or there could be some internal damage that can cause your TV to stop functioning. 

It would help if you found a quick solution because your television has ceased working, and it is now time to have it repaired. The motherboard is usually to blame when your television stops working.

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You have the option of having it repaired or purchasing a new television. Because this might be costly, many people opt to replace the item. Changing the motherboard and getting all the strings attached is a hassle. You need to match a motherboard and then find someone professional to replace it.

It takes time and could be tricky as well, so changing the TV is the easiest option out of the two, but you don’t need to worry if you want to replace your Samsung TV motherboard and don’t know the cost. 

Brands like Samsung give a warranty; it helps the customers fix the damages from the company itself, so it’s less of a worry. Before you decide which replacement option is suitable for you, there are a few things to think about.

Depending on the nature of your problem, the price may rise or fall. The typical cost of replacing the motherboard on a Samsung TV is roughly $150. However, depending on the version and how easy it is to locate the replacement, it could cost $200. This could be a cost-effective solution if you have a second-hand or broken TV that won’t switch on. 

Suppose you bought your Samsung smart Tv on vacation and got it delivered to your home. In that case, likely, you won’t find the replacement in your region because product portfolios vary according to the nation. You might have to export your TV placements from somewhere else, which could add to the cost. 

Some customers find that replacing the batteries rather than the board fixes their TV; however, it depends on your situation. Also, remember that you’ll have to pay the professional managing the task labor rates, which might vary depending on the amount of work involved. 

Things to consider while changing a Samsung TV Motherboard:

A Comparison of Costs: 

LED TV prices have decreased over time, and the cost gap between a new TV and a refurbished motherboard has shrunk. We recommend that you have a TV motherboard replacement if the cost is less than 1/4 of the cost of your TV. For example, this Samsung UN105S9B – $260,000 is available in installments for just under $500. 

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It would help if you compared a few things before getting a motherboard replacement. If the price of getting fixed is lower than replacing the motherboards, then the former option is preferable; secondly, if the replacement cost exceeds the cost of buying a new set, then a new Samsung TV might do you better than taking rounds of the shop and paying extra bills. 


If your product has an extended warranty, it will certainly cover this servicing. If you have a problem with your TV, this is the best way to get it replaced. Call Samsung customer support or go to any authorized service center to get your Samsung TV replaced under warranty.

Samsung gives a 1-year warranty on smart TVs. It has relevant terms and conditions that apply to different products. 

Samsung allows you to follow the status of your service request and repair details online, and they can be contacted at 1- A one-year warranty covers parts and services. The parts are covered under guarantee for the next 90 days after the TV has been serviced.

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Model Number: 

The technology of televisions is continually evolving, and they are becoming more affordable. If your Television set is over seven years old, you can switch to a newer and better one. Fixing the motherboard of an older TV whose equipment has become obsolete and requires refurbishment with new components may not be cost-effective.

Furthermore, there are Samsung TVs on the market now for as little as $300, such as the SAMSUNG Electronics UN32M4500A 32-Inch, making TV motherboard repair an unnecessary expense. 

The model number is very conveniently available on the box and booklet of your TV. You can check it from there and make sure your TV is old and is it possible to find the replacement quickly or not. If you sense any difficulty, the best option is to change your TV.

Samsung comes out with a range of products and keeps a tight hand updating the old products. You can easily find a new tv set of your choice from the product portfolio. 

Samsung TV Motherboard Replacement Cost

Can I Make an Attempt to Replace My Samsung Tv Motherboard at Home? 

You can spend time finding where your Samsung smart TV is lacking. You can do this without hiring a professional if you have basic product assembly skills.

If you’re not honest about your talents, you can end up having to buy a new TV after already purchasing the motherboard. Figuring the problem and making sure it needs a fixation is comparatively easier than fixing the real problem yourself. 

You can follow the following steps to make this work: 

  • To avoid being shocked, unplug the television.
  • Place the television on a level platform with the screen facing downward.
  • Remove the back panel by unscrewing it.
  • Disconnect the power supply board.
  • The power supply board should be replaced.
  • Remove the mainboard from the system.
  • The mainboard should be replaced.
  • Replace the back panel on the television.
  • Connect the TV and give it a try.
  • Look through the channels and experiment with various settings.

If you are firm on your decision that replacing the motherboard of your Samsung TV is the last resort you can land on, then you should do it. Losing an expensive gadget is more costly than getting it fixed. 

However, it is a less expensive method; it is not suggested because TV motherboard repairs are short-lived. They’re only a band-aid solution, and repairing your TV this way will cost you more time and money, in the long run, owing to the wear and strain of frequent motherboard repairs.

Furthermore, warranties rarely cover motherboard repairs because warranties are laid till one year of purchase. In that time, the TV functions properly, when it starts to depreciate, the boards and wires need replacements, and it happens after 4-5 years.

You will have to pay extra money to get them fixed. Customers would be better off buying a new motherboard rather than repairing the old one in this situation. Save your time and effort and get your hands on a newer version. 

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How Do You Know Your Motherboard Needs a Replacement? 

When your TV starts malfunctioning, delays the remote signals, takes time to start or change channels, or takes time to turn on, then it’s time to get a replacement. 

It’s sometimes easier to replace your TV than replace a component. When making this selection, there are numerous factors to consider. These are some of the factors to consider:

  • Your television’s age.
  • On your television, are there any recalls?
  • How long are you willing to go without watching television?
  • The repair’s price tag.

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