Does ATX Motherboard Fit Mid Tower

Does ATX Motherboard Fit Mid Tower

Getting yourself a gaming PC is quite a decision you need to make if you’re getting one for the first time. This is why you will need to get yourself the gaming PC that beats all other default gaming PCs. You will need to have the finest processor, the most cutting-edge graphics card, a robust cooling system, and a display that complements your gaming rig.

In all of this, we usually forget one thing that is the size of our gaming rig. And since most people opt for the ATX as their default gaming PC, we are going to check out today whether the specifications of the ATX motherboard fit in a mid-tower casing. Before we start off directly whether or not a mid-tower casing suits your motherboard, we are going to tell you what ATX is and what are its benefits. 

Stick to the end of this guide to know exactly what an ATX is, what are its benefits, and more!

What is ATX?

ATX is known as the Advanced Technology Extended or ATX form-factor, which is the name of a particular specification of the motherboard and power supply which came out in 1995. Of course, we won’t be talking about the 1995 version in today’s day but the latest ATX build is something to cherish for the hardcore gamers out there.

This gaming system is one of the most popular motherboard sizes today and it is the typical basis for modern computers. Usually, they’re used for work more than gaming so you know where the priority of most users lies. The following specifications are present in your regular ATX motherboard build:

  • Four RAM slots
  • Two or three PCIExpress x16 slots
  • A handful of PCIe x4 and x1 slots
  • A handful of SATA and USB connectors (for both internal and external storage)
  • Space for at least one M.2 SSD
  • Front panel audio and power connectors

Unless you have a good reason to have a specific build and would like to use the entire system for a specific purpose then you will have the standard ATX cases which come with these specifications. The default case of the ATX is pretty spacious on the inside leaving a whole lot of room for more components if needed instead of bigger motherboard sizes.

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The best part is that manufacturers of this product have managed to optimize their rig’s build according to the will of the gamers. Of course, with time there will be upgrades in this motherboard which is why creators of this motherboard have kept their consideration in mind where they’ll need to upgrade their storage or RAM if the need arises.

Benefits of ATX

ATX offers the following benefits to its users:

Greater Area

There is a greater motherboard surface area to work with since these systems are quite spacious on the inside. They have a greater array of component options from which the user can choose and this way this system tends to support more storage drives and cards that may be added as we discussed earlier as well. This is how important a role is played by the inner empty space of the motherboard.

Multiple Graphics Card

Allowing you to insert multiple graphics cards in your system is probably what you’re paying so much money for. With multiple graphics cards able to be inserted in this gaming rig, the ATX board is the size that is going to come in handy for you if more graphics cards are something you are interested in. It gives you all the space you need to make your games as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

Better Cooling

ATX motherboards offer greater cooling which keeps the temperature of your rig normal. With so many components involved in this motherboard, it needs to get rid of excess heat quickly and so the cooling of this system is what handles all of this.

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There is a voltage regulator module (VRM) that plays a major part in how fast your computer can run more than its normal speed. This is something known as overclocking. If you would like to push your CPUs memory to its highest potential then ATX’s motherboard is going to provide you with unbelievable and lightning-fast overclocking levels. The unbeatable speed is going to blow you away.

Better Support

Being the most popular rig in the market right now, ATX motherboards offer greater support from manufacturers and developers. With one outlined motherboard coming with so many variations in the cooling system, aesthetics, features, and performance, cables, you can customize the ATX to your liking while keeping its ATX touch intact!

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Does ATX Motherboard Fit Mid Tower

Does ATX Motherboard Fit Mid Tower?

Now for the question of truth. After all that we’ve read above about the ATX motherboard and its beast-like features, do you think the ATX motherboard fits into the mid-tower series? The answer is yes! This is because most of the ATX motherboards are able to fit in full-size and mid-size towers but the small case for an ATX motherboard isn’t available. The reason it isn’t available is that the ATX won’t fit in it.

It is as simple as that. These larger cases in which the ATX motherboard is preset are designed to support an extended model of the ATX motherboard which can manage to hold on to the ATX boards too. This incredible build of the ATX has made it stand out and that is the only reason why this is usually the first machine gamers opt for in today’s times.


With the features and specifications mentioned by us about ATX, you probably know by now how good it is and what features it is going to come with. One thing that it will come with is the mid-tower and even we can confirm this apart from the creators! 

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