Is MSI A Good Brand?

Is MSI A Good Brand?

Are you a monitor enthusiast? Are you looking for the best gaming laptops in the market?  Then there is only one choice for you: MSI. It is one of the top laptop brands of 2022 and the world’s leading PC and laptop manufacturer in high-end gaming.

But the question arises: how good is the MSI brand and how much does it facilitate its users? Well, if you are a pro gamer and searching for a branded laptop then thought may pop up in mind “is MSI a good brand.” To reveal this mystery, you must go through this article from top to bottom. It would definitely remove your curiosity about this brand.  

Before discussing anything about the MSI brand, let’s have a look at what MSI is. 

What Is MSI-An International Brand 

MSI stands for Micro-Star International. It is a Taiwanese multinational tech giant. It was established in 1986 and gradually made its reputation as a big name brand in the industry. It has links with different high-end brands e.g. like Apple, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Microsoft, Samsung, and Asus in terms of performance and quality. 

It produces, develops, and creates different devices e.g. computer hardware, graphics card, motherboards, computers, laptops, and gaming systems. 

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Key Components Of MSI

There are many key components of the MSI brand which makes it more astonishing than other brands. That’s why this brand is considered something Big!

CPU-Central Processing Unit

You don’t need to be a tech expert to know that the CPU plays an important role and is the main chip for running the show. For any laptop, its central processing unit must be advanced to perform efficiently. MSI consists of four different types, and here they are: 

  • Intel Core i5
  • Intel Core i7
  • Intel Core i9
  • Intel Core i11

If you want to run your laptop fast for fast-paced games then you must choose the higher number e.g. Intel Core i11. But many users due to budget, go for  Intel Core i3. Though, it does not perform as fast as Intel Core i11. It also does not have the power to run fast-paced games. 

Customarily, all of the company’s latest laptop models use only Core i5 and higher. MSI doesn’t cut any corners at all! Well,  Intel Core i5 is capable enough to run many games but can not perform as strongly as  Intel Core i11 (the most advanced and premium in the menu)

On the other hand, the Intel Core i7 is also a good choice to make because it can also perform excellently for many games without breaking the bank.

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Graphics Card – GPU 

If you are a game enthusiast, you must know that a hack you use while playing games. It is choosing a laptop with a good GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) for an excellent performance of games. Monitor games highly rely on graphics, therefore, the graphics card is as necessary as the CPU regarding gaming experience.

MSI’s models are considered powerful laptops for gaming because they are equipped with NVIDIA GTX or RTX chips. Both cards are capable of supporting esports and specially designed for handling the most demanding software e.g. HD VR and high-ultra AAA gaming and games with heavy simulations. 

Moreover, it provides a feature Discrete GPU Mode Switch Technology which helps users to solve software compatibility issues and increase gaming performance.  

RAM-Quick Data Access

A larger RAM is always important especially when it comes to quick data access. You will require a bigger RAM when games are more demanding. Mostly, 4GB RAM is required by many software for a good gaming experience but MSI goes beyond that. 

Display-Full HD 

In terms of screen display, MSI does not leave itself behind. You can select between 15.6 to 17.3-inch display screens, available either at full high definition (FHD) of 1080p or at an impressive 2k to 4k resolutions.

There is a wrong myth about a big screen that a big display would perform better. Beginners assume that a 4K display screen is better than a 1080p gaming laptop which is not true at all. The experts know that 1080p FHD has smoother gameplay and good battery life. 

That’s why MSI’s Titan Series, one of the brand’s higher-end models, only comes with 1080 FHD displays. 

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Design-Advanced And Elegant 

If you want your monitor to look advanced as well as elegant then you must go for an MSI brand. It manufactures the laptop of high-quality aluminum and alloy materials. This combination is so amazing that it feels secure as well as light-weighted to carry anywhere. 

The cooling – A necessity of Processors

MSI is considered the best brand due to its responsive nature. We know that great inventions come with great responsibilities. This could not be more accurate when selecting a gaming laptop of MSI brand. Powerful laptops need a good cooling system for their powerful processor. That is why most MSI laptops have 11 heat pipes and 4 fans.

This facility gives gamers twice the cooling effect that goes a long way for all those long hours of gaming. Furthermore, many of MSI’s units are coated with CNC Polished Copper Blocks and Aluminum die-casting alloy plates for advanced cooling and greater durability. 

Battery Lifespan – Beyond Your Expectations

We know that gaming laptops have issues with short battery lifespan but MSI leaves everyone behind. It is decent enough and performs better than its direct rival, Asus. 

Surprisingly, MSI laptop GS65 Stealth lasts nearly 5 hours per charge which is not bad for gaming laptops. 

Value For Money

We know that MSI is one of the best brands and uses high-quality material in its manufacturing. That’s how all this comes with a high price tag. The top-quality laptops for professional gamers are at least $3,500, while its mid-grade laptops cost about $1,000. 

No need to be sad, MSI also offers under-budget laptops for those who do not want to spend much. The options start from $700. 

So, MSI is a brand that is worth your money and you do not feel like wasting it. It has a wide selection that’s sure to fit your budget and whose performance is guaranteed.

Tech Support And Warranty

Besides all, MSI does not provide you 24/7 hours customer service and Tech support from MSI. Especially, when you try to connect through social media. Many people complain that MSI service takes days and weeks to replay whenever they try to access them.

The only best thing is a 1-year warranty and the incidental damage protection MSI offers. 

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Innovative Features 

The thing which makes MSI different from other brands is its extra amazing features. Let’s have an eye on them. 

  • It has a backlit keyboard. Its GS76 Stealth and newer models are facilitated with special light features. It delivers light and spreads into the chassis whenever you press a key.
  • It provides a large number of colors red, blue, green, orange, pink, and many more. You can choose from all the colors of the rainbow and also from 16.8 million others. 
  • According to your mood, you can shift it by customizing the settings and even making it dance to Resident Evil’s soundtrack or whatever tune is in your mind. 
  • Another amazing option is Shift Feature which allows gamers to select multiple profiles. It provides you with two options: to push your laptop to its limits or save battery.
  • The last feature but not least which many of the users do not know is android applications can be run on your windows laptop using the MSI App Player.
Is MSI A Good Brand?

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s have a look at the questions which are frequently asked by you about “is MSI a good brand.”

Is MSI A Trusted Brand?

As an international gaming brand, MSI is the most trusted brand and has earned its name and trust in gaming and esports. In the field of gaming laptops and monitors, MSI’s reputation is as an innovator and top brand in digital content creation.

Is MSI A Good Graphics Card Brand?

Without any uncertainty, MSI makes really good graphics cards and is considered one of the top-tier manufacturers for graphics cards. 

Why Is MSI So Expensive?

MSI delivers powerful machinery, especially for gaming. It has many features which make it more expensive than others e.g. video editing, or Virtual Reality experiences. These kinds of tasks require dedicated GPUs, faster CPUs, large hard drives, and displays with fast refresh rates.

The Key Takeaway

All in all, MSI is a well reputable brand with its powerful features e.g CPU and GPU, especially for professional gamers. An expert gamer definitely knows its worth and surely loves all the bits and pieces that are sure to enhance the gaming experience. Besides this, if you are a non-gamer and looking for a laptop for your office work then MSI is not for you!

You may have got your answer about the MSI brand. We believe that we have provided you with the best of your desired information. Hopefully, it will help you in solving your queries and further in your project. 

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