Is A 4K Monitor Worth It?

Is A 4K Monitor Worth It?

For a gaming setup, the first thing to consider is the monitor because it is a monitor where you have to look for hours and hours while playing your games. So, it must show a sophisticated image quality that depends upon the resolution.

These days, gamers are relying on a 4k monitor but what do you think: is a 4k monitor worth it? 

A 4k monitor is worth it or not depending upon the purpose you want to use it. You can use 4k monitors for your daily use and professional purpose as they have become very cost-effective now.

4k monitors are becoming an inevitable move as unlimited content is available on them. Higher resolutions of 4k monitors show detail and better image; ultimately, you can enjoy big screens for games, movies, shows, web-browsing, spreadsheets, etc.

4K monitors are worthier for console gaming as they are intended to run at 60 FPS or 30 FPS.

With more and more content being available in 4K resolution each day, getting a 4K monitor seems like an inevitable move.

There is more about the 4k monitor, to decode that, you need to dig out this article but first find some facts in summary.

  • For a future-proof investment, a 4K monitor now is a great idea.
  • If you are looking forward to the performance, investing in a 1080p monitor is still a good choice.
  • If you want to get your hands in future-proofing as well as performance, get a 1440p monitor.

What Does a 4K Monitor Provide?

4K is the term that shows the next generation leap in the display’s resolution and is far better than HD, o, also known as 1080p. 4K provides 4 times more pixels at 3840 x 2160, while the size of HD content is 1920 x 1080 pixels.

It delivers four times more pixels, which means four times the screen real estate. You will get more space for opening windows, apps, tabs, or anything else you are working on. 

4K resolution displays are available in a number of sizes, but the most common are 24, 27, and 32-inches, all providing the same amount of pixels. The major difference is the pixel density which is dots per inch (DPI).  

Remember, a 4k resolution which you get in 2-inches screen size is not the same as in 32-inches or more. Bigger displays have low pixel density without display scaling, but they can deliver a great user experience. At the same time, with high pixel density, it will be difficult to see each pixel with a naked eye. This makes the images sharp and pleasing. 

Let’s move to our main question: is a 4K monitor worth it? You may get little idea about its importance, but it depends on the uses. 

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Is A 4K Monitor Worth It?

Whether a 4k monitor is worth it or not depends on what purpose you will use it. Yes, 4K is worth a lot, especially when using a monitor for professional or everyday use. It gains importance with time when they become affordable. 

4K UHD resolution is very demanding, and the improvement in image quality instead of 1040p displays makes it worthier. Due to its demanding nature, we do not suggest it for PC gaming

On the other hand, 4K monitors are considered good for console gaming as most of the games run at 30FPS to 60FPS, depending on the title. 

Investing in a 4K monitor is a decision worth taking if you care about future-proofing and get a GPU that comfortably runs the games at 2k at least.

A 1080p monitor is a great choice if you care about performance only. 

But if you need future-proofing and performance at once, buy a 1440p monitor.

4K Monitors For Gaming

If you own a PS4 Pro or  Xbox One X, buying a 4K display is a pretty obvious decision as you are already locked at 30 or 60FPS at 4K UHD. 

If you have a PS5, you can select from 1080p at 120Hz, 4K at 120Hz, or 4K 60Hz. 

From these choices, a 4K 120Hz monitor would be ideal as it helps you to game at 60Hz and 1080p 120Hz, but there is a problem: these monitors are a little costly.

You would not take the benefit of 4K 120Hz in most games except for those having undemanding titles, e.g. The Cursed Kingdom and Monster Boy.

In some games, the 120Hz/FPS mode only supports 1080p on PS5. So if most of the games you’re playing support 120FPS, go towards a 1080p 144Hz display. Otherwise, for better image quality, a 4K 60Hz monitor or a 4K 60Hz gaming TV that supports 1080p 120Hz is ideal. 

Is A 4K Monitor Worth It?

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4K Monitor – Everyday Use

A 4k monitor is a viable pick if you are searching for a monitor for watching 4K TV shows and movies, web-surfing, or doing other basic multimedia activities.

Some 4K monitors are not more expensive than other 1440p displays. Intel’s 7th generation Core processor’s HD 630 integrated GPU supports 4K resolution, and you will watch 4K movies without any lag. 

For watching 4K content online via streaming, keep in mind that you need a fast internet connection, at least 25 Mbps.

Things to Consider When Going 4K

  • Most of the 4 monitors come in 27-inches or more size, so desk space is a thing to keep in mind if you have a plan to get one. If you have a spare room for your monitor, don’t forget to inquire about its stand. These large monitors take up more vertical desk space, so go for one that supports VESA mount instead. 
  • You also have to think if your PC can drive a 4K monitor, especially a laptop. Here you have to get a discrete GPU, but not an integrated one. This is true when you use multiple monitors, external displays, or laptops. 
  • Most computers greatly support simple web browning, desktop work, and other office-related projects. If your machine is not powerful, then be ready to go towards 4K resolution for intensive work, e.g. making 3D models in apps like Photoshop or when playing games. 
  • Another thing to consider is price and quality. It is seen that 4K monitors are a little expensive, but there is a noticeable difference between cheap 4K and costly lower-resolution monitors having 2K or 1440p. For example, for an artist who gives value to more contrast ratios and color reproduction, a cheap 4K monitor would not outperform a less expensive 4K panel in these areas. Remember that less expensive displays lack brightness, have latency and ghosting issues, and develop more dead pixels. 
  • Lastly, the internet speed, for many users watching 4K content is a great experience, and streaming will become challenging if your internet is not performing well. A speed of 25Mbs is recommended by Netflix if you plan to watch 4K content.

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Some Pitfalls of 4K

Requires Powerful Hardware

Today the only graphics card that can run the latest AAA games in 4K is the GTX 1070 and GTX 1080 and their Ti variants. Generally recommended cards are the newest ones as they are the latest and support superior specifications. 

While installing a GTX 1070 Ti, you can run most titles at 30 FPS. On the other hand, a GTX 1080 is the only GPU that can run games in 4K at 60 FPS. To get better 4K frame rates, you can comfortably rely on  SLI or CrossFireX, but it is not a cost-effective solution unless or until you pair it with a new 2k gaming card with the one you have already.  


Generally, a thing to ponder is that 4K monitors are not so affordable and those that support high-end games are even more expensive. Keep in mind you not only need a 4K resolution, but you also have to get a high refresh rate, little response time, and advanced relevant technology such as AMD Free-Sync, NVIDIA, and more. Do not think of grabbing a 4K monitor under $500 unless you will get a second hand or those available on sale. 

The Key Takeaway

So, is a 4k monitor worth it? Definitely yes! 4k monitors take your gaming visuals to the next level, which is for sure unachievable for 1080p.

If you are looking forward to upgrading your gaming rig, we strongly recommend 4k monitors, particularly if you want a blend of higher quality and less price.

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