Dead by Daylight has been top-ranking in the gaming news for quite some time now. They have been rolling out with updates after updates non-stop, as the development team keeps discovering new ways to make the games more exciting for gamers.

They have released the names and details of the new characters and killers in the game. In addition to that, they will be launching an all-new map, called the Garden of Joy. The team has started the Beta testing of DBD PTB update 5.80, and it will soon be ready to roll out.

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All The Cool, New Perks Of The Characters

New Killer: The Dredge

  1. Dissolution: Dissolution is activated for only a few seconds after a survivor is hurt in any way. If a survivor rapidly vaults a pallet inside your Terror Radius while Dissolution is active, the Entity will smash the pallet towards the end of the vault, deactivating the Dissolution.
  1. Darkness Revealed: When you open a locker, you can see all the Survivors’ aura within an 8-meter range for about 5 seconds. This perk, however, has a 30-second cooldown period.
  1. Septic Touch: When a Survivor is within your Terror Radius and is using the healing action, they will become blind and exhausted. After a healing action is halted, these effects last roughly 10 seconds.

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New Survivor: Haddie Kaur

  1. Inner Focus: Within 32 meters of you, you can see the Scratch Marks of other Survivors. The Killer’s aura is displayed for 5 seconds when a Survivor loses their health status within 32 meters of you.
  1. Residual Manifest: The Killer is impacted by a Blindness effect for around 30 seconds once you carry out a successful Killer Blind action. This perk allows you to dig into an unsealed chest once per Trial, with a guarantee of at least finding a basic Flashlight.
  1. Overzealous: This perk is activated after purifying any totem. Your generator’s repair speed can be boosted up to 6%. This perk will deactivate if you lose your health in any way.

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Other than these amazing characters and their amazing perks, there are a lot more additions to the game that you, as an avid Dead by Daylight player, would really enjoy. They result in smoother and uninterrupted gameplay that might compel you to play all day long. You will be discovering something new at every turn that may excite you or frustrate you to no end.

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