New DualSense Wireless Controllers Color Arriving Soon With New PS5 Console Covers?

According to the reports, Sony is currently working on bringing some exciting colors for their DualSense Wireless Controllers for the PS5 as well as new PS5 Console Covers for the players all around the world.

DualSense Wireless Controllers Colors:

As Sony reported to the tech world, DualSense Wireless Controllers for PS5 will be arriving in the next month for the whole world with some fun and exciting colors. It will be available to everyone. Initially, they weren’t available to the whole world. Some of the regions had early access to the new and distinct colors of the DualSense Wireless Controllers.

As per the company, there are some regions that don’t get Sony’s accessories because of the shortage issue as well as supply chain issues. But for now, DualSense Wireless Controllers will be available to each and every PS5 owner in the world.

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PS5 Console Covers:

According to the leaks that are circulating on the internet, social media and gaming forums, PS5 Console Covers will be arriving in selected regions starting from June 2022.

People residing in the US, UK, France, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg will be able to get their hands on the wonderful and beautiful new console plates of PS5 from from June 17 onwards.

As per the reports, the colors of console plates arriving will be Nova Pink, Starlight Blue, and Galactic Purple. Sony already released the Midnight Black and Cosmic Red console covers for the PS5.

You can match these colors with your DualSense Wireless Controllers if you have the same color as these plates. Once these three other colors get released officially worldwide, you will be able to grab them and equip them for your PS5.

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Note: The console covers can easily be equipped to both of the variants of the PS5, Blu-ray disc edition as well as Digital Edition.

If you aren’t lucky enough to secure a unit of PS5, now is the time since the chip shortage and supply are getting normal, and you can get one for yourself. Once it is in your hands till then, the console plates and DualSense Wireless controllers will be available in different colors all over the world.

Gamers around the world have to wait for some days to get their hands on the new and shiny console plates.

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