Warzone Tips and Tricks – Master the Call of Duty Battle Royale

Warzone Tips

Warzone features two primary modes-Battle Royale and Plunder. Of course, the former is tough because you must fight and try hard to stay alive. At least 150 players will be shooting at one another to emerge the last man or team standing. So, it’s not a war ground to enter unprepared. 

This article focuses on some tricks and tips that can help you survive amid the flying bullets in Warzone Battle Royale. Even though you’re playing just to fire some guns at your enemies and enjoy the thrills, you still don’t want to die in the first few seconds or minutes. So, explore these tips and employ 100% undetected Warzone Cheats

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Tips and Tricks for Warzone Battle Royale

Know the Weapons to use 

There are many weapons in this game, but not all perform well in every situation. Now, this is a fast-paced game and if you want to be good at it, grab fast weapons too. Also, consider the ones that match different situations before preparing your loadout. For close-range kills, grab the JAK-12 shotgun.

This gun offers a rapid TTK at 400ms. For all situations, grab the Owen Gun, which is a high-performing SMG in Warzone. For the long-range killing, to protect your neck a bit, target the FiNN LMG. This gun is good in both Rebirth Island and Caldera. 

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Grab enough cash and equip better

Don’t start a war without your weapons. Warzone gives enough opportunity to grab the best weapons out there, and that’s by making enough cash to buy your loadout. So prepare your loadout at the beginning, then jump into the game and make $10,000 to buy it.

That’s the best way to play better. Without good weapons and ammo, how are you going to survive? 

Target the diminishing point 

While playing Warzone battle royale, it’s compulsory to be inside the map when it closes instead of outside. Now, players usually focus on rushing toward the map to avoid the gas outside. So, instead of doing that, try to place yourself at the diminishing point to kill those running to meet up. You’ll be surprised at the number of players you can fall at that point. 

Find a good spot to hold

 Many things can go wrong on battlegrounds. If you stay put in one location, enemies will locate you. Also, if you change positions constantly, you’ll be putting yourself in danger.

So, the best way is to locate that hidden spot where you can always run back to easily from other spots. Even though you have to change position a bit, make sure you can still locate your safe spot when things get crazy. 

Don’t forget to use your equipment. 

There are many types of equipment available in Warzone, which you shouldn’t ignore. For instance, you can achieve a lot with armor plates, land mines, power rounds, drones, etc.

So, mastering the battle Royale mode means that all these tools must be in action to improve your performance. For instance, you can use drones to discover where enemies are hiding.  By that, you can avoid them or kill them quickly. 

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Always combine your efforts. 

One way to achieve a better result is to combine your efforts. It’s thrilling to be a hero, but Warzone Battle Royale doesn’t encourage heroic exploits. So, instead of trying to take them down alone, always plan, strategize, execute and achieve with teammates. Also, this method will help you last longer in the game.

Always dying early won’t allow you to horn your skills in Warzone. So, stick to others and extend your time. 

Touch up the controls and settings 

If you want to master the game, start by tweaking your controls and setting. For instance, you must adjust the mouse sensitivity until you get the level that suits you. High or low sensitivity depends on your style and goals in the game.

So, fix that. Next, reduce the music volume to zero and keep the Mini Map Shape at “Square.” Next, choose “Apply All” for the Armor Plate Behavior and “Disable” the Parachute Auto-Deploy. These and some other settings will contribute to boosting your performance. 


Playing Battle Royale game mode is not for the feeble hearts. But if you want to play better and not die too fast, make sure your weapons are up to par. Get the fastest guns both for long-range and short-range situations. Gather enough cash to buy your custom loadout. Play with the team, use equipment, and tweak settings and controls.  

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