What Is Operation Riptide CS:GO?

Operation Riptide CS GO

Operations in CS:GO have been around for a long time. After all, new missions, maps, weapons, skins, and rewards can be updated and more exciting, or even add everyone’s favorite things from the entire era of the game. Since September 2021, a new Operation Riptide has been released. It is related to an active phase of the game.

Getting to know more about CS:GO Operation Riptide, let’s note that it started on September 22, 2021. Its specifics in competitive modes, new maps, improved missions, and much more.

It is worth noting that you can choose rewards for agents, stripes, and weapons. Find more about the unique Operation Riptide case while following the link https://bloodycase.com/case/operation-riptide-case

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Operation Riptide: Mission Coin in Action

Missions are a feature of Operation Riptide. It is impossible to imagine it without various tasks to complete. Be ready for them from the very beginning. Every week you will receive multi-tasking missions for which you will be rewarded and get stars, in special modes, casual and competitive.

An integral part is that you can exchange stars for new agents and combat swimmers. If it does not suit you, you can also buy a case with better weapons, stickers, and patches.

Mission Types Concerning CS:GO Operation Riptide

Having looked at the rewards for missions, now familiarize yourself with their structure. It should be noted that the missions in Operation Riptide have been greatly improved and redesigned, giving you item hunting and graphite missions, for example. 

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You choose the order of their execution yourself and the order is optional. Thus, go through them slowly but surely, or finish quickly to get rewards. Most importantly, do not stop, go through the checkpoints to complete the mission.

New Styles to Take into Account

Styles from all of your favorite modes have been added to Operation Riptide. There is everything for you while starting with competitive games and finishing with team battles. The Operation feature provides new features such as:

  • Short fights (after 25 minutes 5 on 5 you will be able to compete);
  • New shields (for example, a policeman);
  • Training fights (working out arrows and sights, where everyone will be enemies);
  • Team fights;
  • Generosity: the ability to share weapons (for example, a grenade);
  • Improved weapons (various items that can be cheaper or more powerful than the player had in the arsenal before).

Note that Operation Riptide is not lacking in awards for CS:GO players. Take a closer look at the opportunities this multi-tasking mode provides gamers with.

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What’s new is that you can get a collection with agents ranging from partisans to boxing champions – and there’s a story behind a particular character. There are about 18 agents – that is, you will definitely have a choice!

Case in Operation Riptide

CS:GO is famous for their cases, and sometimes they can give out the wrong weapon that we like. The Operation Riptide case also gives you 15 or more skins for your weapons: whether it’s an AK-47 or an M4A4, you’ll still get crazy skin!

Operation Riptide Maps

Maps have been added to the new tool in the game that will increase your interest, and, in fact, they have been improved. In the purchase of the Operation Riptide, you will find different versions to try. PAy attention to such maps as:

  • Basalt – a territory with a lighthouse and houses belonging to it;
  • The County is a place of a company with a lumberjack;
  • Extraction is a modern house with perfect furniture.

These are not all cards, but they are the ones that will attract your attention the most. Well, by purchasing Operation Riptide, you will receive special-purpose unique coins. So, you can upgrade them, while your rewards are an integral part of this, and most importantly, experience.

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