COD: Vanguard Update Coming Soon? Details and Updates

According to the reports, the Call of Duty Vanguard update is coming soon to every gaming platform. The update packs some new content for gamers across the globe.

COD: Vanguard Release Date:

As per the reports, Activision will be adding some new and fresh content to their leading COD title. The update will soon be hitting the gaming platforms to let the gamer access the all-new updates by installing the new patch update.

Season 3 of the game will officially begin on 25th May after 5 PM BST across every gaming platform including PlayStation, Xbox, and PC Platform.

Updates of COD: Vanguard:

The new update of the Call of Duty: Vanguard will be packed with some new and exciting content. The updates are as follows:


  • NEW with S3 Reloaded: Sphere

Hidden below the surface of an inconspicuous mining facility is a weapons lab that offers intense, close-quarters engagements around every turn. Jump into the Sphere 24/7 playlist at the start of Season Three Reloaded.

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  • Berlin

Fixed an exploit that was ruining players to reach unintended locations near the Office.

  • Castle

Care Packages won’t be available through the stairs near the Palace Outer Walls.

  • Sub Pens

Fixed the bugs that allowed players to reach unintended locations near the Dry Docks and Loading Dock.


  • Arms Race

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Riding a motorcycle as it gets bombed or exploded, it won’t cause the player’s view to rotate.


  • NEW with S3 Reloaded: Kim Tae Young (Harpy)

This operator is unlocked through the Operator Bundle. You can purchase it after Season 3 Reloaded.


  • NEW with S3 Reloaded: H4 Blixen (SMG)

Unlocks by getting 3 slide kills in a single match 15 times.

  • STG44 (AR)

Challenges for the Deadeye Camo Category are now properly tracked.

  • Nikita AVT (AR)

Zac MS Stock Attachment won’t be obstructing the view of certain optics.

  • Cooper Carbine (AR)

Fixed an issue that prevented the M1941 Hand Stop Underbarrel, 14” Gracey Rapid Barrel, and Recoil Booster Muzzle Attachments from unlocking at their designated Weapon Levels.

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  • No 68 Stun Grenade (Tactical)

Decreased the explosive damage from 25 to 5.

  • S-Mine 44 (Tactical)

Explosive damage decreased in Hardcore game modes from 50 to 10.

Field Upgrades:

  • Trophy System:
  • Melee attacks will damage a Trophy System
  • Ammo Box Field Upgrade can now be easily destroyed by the Trophy System.
  • Trophy Systems won’t be active if you throw them out-of-bounds.


  • Counter Spy Plane (4 Kills)

The announcer will now play the correct voice line whenever an enemy’s Counter Spy Plane is activated.


  • Seasonal Challenges

UI and UX:

  • Fixed the emblem for Prestige 5 or higher
  • Fixed the issue that forced the player back to the Multiplayer menu when using right-click menus on PC.

Bundles and Cosmetics:

  • Fixed an issue that prevented AS-44 Mechanized Reactive Blueprint from changing colors during the inspection

Zombies Mode:

  • Enemies: Zaballa The Deceiver
  • Weapons: H4 Blixen (SMG), Skal Crushers
  • Challenges: Reticles

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