PlayStation Plus New Packages: Essential, Extra, and Premium

PlayStation is an amazing gaming console that is available in the market right now. PlayStation has 3 active consoles, which are PS4, PS4 Pro, and PS5. These consoles have the latest technology to deliver an incredible gaming experience to the user. All the AAA titles are currently released on these consoles.

Furthermore, PlayStation has a huge fan base around the whole world. Most of the console players are PS Players. All of the high-end studios roll out new games on the Sony PlayStation because they know there will be good sales of the game, and gamers will surely do microtransactions in their games.

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PlayStation Plus:

For the users of PlayStation, Sony has a paid subscription service that is known as PlayStation Plus. This subscription service comes with benefits, discounts, themes, freebies, and skins for the players.

Many players have subscribed to this service because this service lets them enjoy multiplayer gaming with their gaming buddies as well as new content that is only available to the people who have subscribed to Sony’s PlayStation Plus.

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Moreover, PlayStation Plus has different packages from which users can opt-in for it. One comes for a month, where you can enjoy premium content and discounts for one month.

The other comes for 3 months straight in which you can have fun with the latest updates and content. The last is for 12 months, in which you will be subscribed to the service for one year, and you can have maximum fun with your buddies on multiplayer games.

PlayStation Plus Packages:

According to the reports, PlayStation Plus is revamping its paid subscription service. It is going to come up with something new for the players across the globe. As per the leaks, the packages will be PS Plus Essential, Extra, and Premium.

The Essential will come with 9.99$ per month, 24.99$ for 3 months, and 59.99$ for 12 months. Extra comes up with 14.99$ for 1 month, while the 3-month package is 39.99$ and the 12-month package for Extra is $99.99. Moreover, the Premium package is the top-tier package. It will set you back for 17.99$ for 1 month while 49.99$ for 3 months and 119.99$ for 12 months.

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Rumors have stated that this revamped and enhanced version of PS Plus will be arriving soon. Some of the leaks that are circulating on the internet and social media tells us that we will have it by the end of May or in the early days of June.

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