Grand Theft Auto 6 Coming Soon? Release Dates, Maps, Pictures, Leaks and Rumors

Grand Theft Auto is an incredible game series of action-adventure games that let the player do missions, side-quests, bounties and other fun stuff in a sandbox game.

You can do all the free-roaming if you want to or interact with people. The game is filled with vehicles, NPCs and other stuff, which makes it even more fun and interesting for the players.

Furthermore, the storyline of these games is amazing. You get a playable character which you have to use from the beginning to the end. You can try out different outfits on the character, change the hairstyle and do much more.

Also, you can purchase properties and own businesses and vehicles. You can double the amount of your bank balance. The game gives the players a whole new functionality and lets them have full potential.

GTA games are fully-optimized with attention to detail that every player enjoys while playing the game. The graphics are very detailed and crisp. The sound engineering is pretty much balanced for the people who play with a headset or a home theater.

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Grand Theft Auto 5:

GTA 5, or let’s just say Grand Theft Auto 5, is the last addition to the Rockstar Games’ GTA series. It was released back in 2013, which made this game the best game of the decade and bagged awards every year after the release.

GTA5 is a certified classic which gives full functionality to the players in terms of interactive NPCs, customizing the cars, purchasing properties, doing side-quests, and swapping the character between Trevor, Franklin and Michael.

Furthermore, you can dress the character according to your needs. Each character owns different properties and vehicles as well as they have their own bank account. Also, each character has an ability which makes the game even better for the players. In addition to this, GTA 5 has the Online feature, which lets you play with your gaming buddies.

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Grand Theft Auto 6:

According to the reports, Rockstar Games is currently working on the sixth edition of Grand Theft Auto’s game lineup. The leaks show that the game will be arriving in the upcoming years. It will be based in the Vice City, and it will take place in it, as per the reports.

Furthermore, GTA6 will have a huge-sized map for the players with interactive NPCs and other functionalities. Gamers are pretty hyped about GTA6 that it will be arriving somewhere in 2023.

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