Xtrfy M42 and MZ1 Releasing Soon: Prices, Rumors, and Pictures

Xtrfy is a premium peripheral Swedish brand that is a well-known brand for releasing some of the best fast-paced and high-end mouse for gamers. The mouse is highly customizable as well as the company offers spare parts for their mouse. Users can customize the mouse and change parts according to their needs.

The company has mechanical keyboards under its belt as well. The keyboards are highly customizable too. Gamers can soup up their keyboards with the other parts in a way that suits their preferences.

Many Esports players across the globe use Xtrfy products for their gaming because these products are made up of high-end quality, which gives you an incredible gaming experience. Most gamers and streamers have collaborated with the company to come up with something for their fans and customers. They have released a limited edition mouse for gamers worldwide.

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M42 and MZ1:

Xtrfy is a stunner brand when it comes to producing something unique and incredible. The brand has rolled out two mouse, M42, and MZ1, for customers around the world. M42 is an optimized mouse for the Esports player. This mouse has a symmetrical shape with ultra-lightweight.

Users can adjust the weight balance by swapping shells and adding weights. Potential buyers can choose editions and create their own color scheme when purchasing the mouse.

Furthermore, MZ1 has a unique adjustable shape, and it is designed by the very famous Rocket Jump Ninja. Also, it has an ultra-lightweight which gives you the advantage of adjusting its weight. Gamers can change the shell as well as choose color according to their needs.

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Xtrfy M42 and MZ1 (Wireless Editions):

According to the reports, Xtrfy is currently working on the wireless editions of the famous mouse M42 and MZ1. They are about to drop in the next few months for the customers. As per the leaks that are circulating on the internet, the pre-orders are open for both of the mous. Potential buyers can place their order if they are willing to get their hands on the mouse as soon as possible.

According to the rumors, the wireless editions will have a 2.4Ghz lag-free wireless connection that will have no input lag and will work flawlessly for the users. M42’s estimated time of arrival is May, while the MZ1 estimated time of arrival in June.

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