Rainbow Six Siege Coming On Your Smartphones? What To Expect From It?

Rainbow Six Siege or many people call it Rainbow 6 or Six Siege. It is one of the most challenging and hardcore first-person shooter games that are present in the gaming industry right now.

The game has the best mechanics and features that make the players play in an intense environment. It has a fast-paced gaming style which most of the players like because you can easily take out your enemies as soon as possible after your match starts.

Furthermore, the updates, seasons and DLCs make this game even more better. The developers roll-out incredible content for the players to enjoy this FPS game with their buddies. Many players can play competitive matches and ranked matches for better ranking or to stay top on the list.

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R6 Mobile Version:

According to the reports, the mobile version of the Rainbow Six Siege is in development with the gaming studio, WeGame. It is Tencent’s flagship game portal. The studio has already created and developed many mobile games for the Chinese market.

As per the rumors, the mobile version of R6 will be arriving on most of the devices. It will be available through the Google Play Store or Apple Store. The minimum requirements to get an experience of Rainbow Six Siege has not been revealed yet.

According to some leaks, the mobile version will be similar to the famous FPS games on smartphones. It might require at least 2GB or 4GB of RAM. The phone must be running iOS 9 or Android 5.1 and up.

The gameplay will be surely similar to the original version of Rainbow Six Siege. There will be a team of attackers and defenders. It won’t be replacing the PC version.

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Maps and Operators in R6 Mobile Version:

As per the reports, Bank and Border will be the only maps that will be available to the mobile market. Later on, they will be adding new maps for the players.

According to the leaks that are circulating on the internet, the operators will be Ash, Sledge, Twitch, Thermite, Hibana, Caveira, Bandit, Smoke, Valkyrie and Mute.

Gaming fanatics have to wait for the game to be released on their smartphones so they can have some fun with their buddies.

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