How To Max Out AR In Warzone?


Assault rifles are the best weapon you can use during your matches in Warzone. These guns come with less recoil and more aiming stability control so you can take down your enemies when you spot them on your radar.

Assault rifles in the Warzone can be maxed out to a higher level from which you can customize them according to your preferences. To max out your assault rifle in Warzone, you need to follow these steps in the game:

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Daily Challenges:

When you start your game, you see a tab of Daily Challenges in your game’s menu. You can earn many XP points by doing all of these daily challenges during the matches to level up your assault rifle. In order to get these daily challenges done, you need to do this:

  • For Battle Royale: You must find the assault rifle from the loot boxes, then play with it, and make sure that you are doing the objective of the daily challenge.
  • For Plunder: First, you need to equip a loadout of the assault rifle. You have to choose the AR from which you will be playing the Plunder. During the match, you can do the objectives mentioned in the daily challenges.
  • For Resurgence Quads: Equip the AR that you want to level up and drop down in the battle and do all the objectives in order to max out your AR.

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Contracts are the best thing to let you earn XP points in the game. You can earn weapon XP points, battle pass XP points and etc. Once you get these contracts done in the game, you will be rewarded with many points in the game. For earning XP points, follow these steps in the game modes:

  • Bounty: Bounty marks the enemy that should be taken down in order to let you earn rewards from it.
  • Recon Contract: By starting this contract, you need to move forward to the recon, where you can secure it and earn XP points from it.
  • Scavenger: Scavenger contracts are great because they let you and your team get the best loadout from the Supply Boxes. Once you loot all the boxes, then you will be rewarded with the points.
  • Most Wanted: Most Wanted contract gets you in trouble, but if you manage to escape the attack, you will be rewarded with points.
  • Supply Run: Supply Run Contract wants the players to run towards the Buy Station before the time runs out. Moving faster will get your contract done.

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