LEGO Star Wars: Major Bugs Fixed In The Skywalker Saga’s New Update

The latest patch of Skywalker’s saga is live now, having dealt with a couple of issues that were interfering with the storyline and adding new capital ships.

The LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Game Is Huge

This game is absolutely huge, as it is an incorporation of all nine mainline films in the Star Wars franchise. Also, TT games had already created the LEGO Star Wars game, and had to make enormous changes and put in a great amount of overhaul to the overall gameplay and visual effects so that the whole nine film adaptations could fit into the game.

The game consists of many missions with a solid storyline, as well as a large number of side missions. The game also offers a lot of free gameplay between missions for those who want to roam freely around and discover the different worlds. Characters are unlocked with different missions and it is quite an amazing game with lots of features.

However, fans have experienced a few technical issues while playing the game which is why the game has recently brought out some new changes and updates, as well as adding new content for a better gaming experience.

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The Game’s New Updates And Fixes

The game recently put out its notes for the May 2022 update. In the notes they mentioned fixes to make the game more stable, improve quality, and deal with the incoming performance issues.

The game also mentioned some specifics, such as:

Maz Kanata will not star in Episode 7 for the story mission
Free play mission will see a lot of Tatooine
Episode 3 will not feature a level trigger for a mission anymore

The company has tried to resolve most of the story blocking issues and added additional Capital ships, as stated on their Instagram account. The new capital ships added are the Fulminatrix, Invisible Hand, and Venator.

The reason for the additional ships is not known or been told by the inventors, however speculations suggest that the need for Capital ships might see an increase in the game as their number is set to rise in local space. Whatever the reason may be, the fans are quite pleased by this update.

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Some Issues Are Still Unresolved

Even though the game has tried to resolve many of the major issues faced by gamers, there are many still left that become a hindrance to gamers. For example, the game’s free mode has many bugs causing random swaps of AI to NPCs players. There are also other bugs that cause crashes or trouble playing the game.

If the company has worked on some fixes, it is quite possible for them to address other bugs as well in the future. For now, LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga’s updates allow gamers to play in better quality and the chance to discover all film adaptations without the hassle of going through Galaxy free play, and that is worth a lot.

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