Valorant: Neon’s Special Abilities, Lore and More

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Valorant isn’t short on dynamic characters, but Neon definitely stands apart with her colorful character design and unique abilities. She’s one of the newest additions to the game, joining the Valorant ranks back in January 2020. She’s not for everyone, but if you’re a competent keyboard user with lightning-fast reactions, Neon can be used to devastating effect. 

An Introduction to Neon 

Neon joined Valorant’s agent lineup at the start of Episode 4. This quirky addition hails from the Philippines and just like many others employed by the Valorant Protocol, Neon is a Radiant. However, she’s a fairly unique individual. Her abilities are largely electricity-based. They can manifest as devastating lightning bolts, but can also be used defensively or to supercharge her speed. 

Unlike other agents with darker backstories, Neon’s journey to joining the Valorant Protocol is rather straightforward. This energetic youngster was drafted directly into the ranks, sought out for her unique bioelectric abilities. 

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Special Abilities Explained 

Neon falls into the Duelist category, putting her in the company of popular agents like Jett and Raze. As with other Duelists, Neon is designed for one-on-one confrontations, making them a devastating force on the battlefield. If you’re looking for an agent that can chalk up an impressive kill count, Neon’s an obvious pick. 

Neon boasts a dazzling array of abilities. Her primary ability is called High Gear. This free ability draws on her bioelectric powers, allowing her to charge her speed. Once charged, Neon can run at increased speeds that make her faster than any other game. In addition to faster running speeds, Neon benefits from expedited re-equip ties. 

The first of Neon’s basic abilities is Relay Bolt. This basic ability requires two charges. Once deployed, it delivers a concussive blast that can be used to stun enemies. The bolt itself bounces, meaning you can use it to target two different spots on the map. Although useful, it’s not as effective as some of the flash abilities found with other agents like Skye

Neon’s other basic ability is Fast Lane. Once summoned, Fast Lane erects two walls of electricity. These may seem defensive, but they can actually deliver impressive rates of damage to anything crossing them. Fast Lane can also damage some incoming objects. However, don’t expect it to affect everything that comes into contact with it. 

Neon’s Ultimate ability is Overdrive. Once triggered, it dramatically improves Neon’s speed. When in Overdrive mode, Neon can also unleash bolts of electricity from her fingertips. Although you won’t be able to land any critical hits with this ability, you don’t have to worry about your aim. No matter where you strike the enemy, you’ll still deliver the same high rates of damage. 

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The Verdict 

There is no denying Neon’s abilities. If you’re someone who prefers playing as a Duelist, it’s definitely worth experimenting with Neon at least a few times. However, you need to remember this agent’s abilities are anchored on the concept of speed.

If your reflexes are fast enough, you can use Neon’s Overdrive ability to help steer your team to victory. Ultimately, even the most experienced player will need some practice sessions before being able to put her to good use. Although Reyna remains the most-picked Duelist in Valorant, new girl Neon is on hot on her heels. 

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