Konami PES 2022 Mobile Release Date: eFootball 22 Update Coming Out Soon?

According to reports that are related to Konami, which are circulating on the gaming forums, and social media, the very famous game studio and publisher have revealed that they are planning to change the PES 2022 to eFootball this year. 

Release Date and Details:

As per the leaks and rumors, Konami’s PES was all set to get changed into eFootball this year for the footy fans. It will have many changes in the eFootball 2022 update for the users on every platform across the world. The reports say the confirmed PES 2022 release date was scheduled for June 2, 2022. Currently, it is available as eFootball on Android, iOS devices, console platforms and PC platforms. 

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New Gameplay and Features:

The game has new and advanced gameplay and Dream Team features and improvements to the online matches. Players will find server enhancements in the gameplay and game. Many big events will be happening in the game after release.

Player Contracts:

Players in eFootball will have a set duration for their contracts. This period will be for a year (365 days) once the player is signed to a team. Players who will have an expiring contract will not be removed. You won’t be able to develop them any further. 

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Match Types:

As per the leaks, the types of matches are as follows:

● Tour Event

● Challenge Event

● Online Quick Match

● Online Match Lobby

Players that are on the contract will be able to play all of these types of matches. If a contract of a player is expired, then the player will be limited to participating in a few modes for the matches. You can only use this player in two modes: Online Quick Match and Online Match Lobby.

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Authentic Teams:

Suppose you are a stan for real-world international clubs such as FC Barcelona, Manchester United, Juventus, and FC Bayern Munich. In that case, you can start offline matches with other users or play with the AI-controlled players with the Trial Match.

Also, footy fans can play online PVP matches with their friends, family, and other users. During these matches, they can complete missions to gain rewards and XP in events. Here is the list of licensed clubs that are in this game:

● AS Roma

● Arsenal

● AS Monaco

● Bayer Leverkusen

● Schalke

● Lazio

● Rangers

● Zenit St Petersburg

● Shakhtar Donetsk

● Corinthians

● Flamengo

● SC International

● Santos

● Sao Paulo

● Boca Juniors

● River Plate

The teams will be featuring all the real-life players with original facial features as well as anything related to them. Once the players score a goal, they will do their signature pose after scoring the goal. 

‘Dream Team’ feature:

Are you that footy fan who always thought of building their own dream team? You can pull off this thing with the new feature in eFootball (formerly PES 2022). The ‘Dream Team’ feature will let you build your original team. You can sign your favorite players and managers to play and work for your team. Once the team is all set to go on the field, search for matches, take part in different events and fight all the way to the top of the Division-based eFootball league. 

How ‘Dream Team’ Works:

When you start your ‘Dream Team’, you will be able to have a 23-men squad that will consist of original players. It depends on you what type of players you select for your team because if you choose players who are low in stats, they won’t give a boost to your team. You won’t be able to compete with other teams. 

For the beginners, they can use the introductory rewards to use them for signing players from the ‘Standard Player List’ 

Special Player List:

You can sign players that have higher attributes and stats to perform really well in the matches. Most of these players are top-performers in real-life matches. Also, you will find football legends in the list of the special players. 

Standard Player List:

You can sign any player that you like. There will be a ‘filter’ feature from where you can sort out the players.

Manager List:

For your Dream Team, you can assign managers of your choice. They will have different Coaching Affinity, which will help in the tactical setups for your ‘Dream Team’.

Registering Your Signed Players:

Once you have picked the players for your team, you can register them via Game Plan to have them featured in your matches. 

Enjoying Your Matches:

After building your team with the signed players, head over to the ‘Match’ and play the match with your team. 


The ‘Starter’ event is created especially for the users who are beginners in the game. The AI-controlled matches against them will let them learn new stuff in the game and play matches. They can play these matches to boost their players. The players can also play with other Dream Teams that will be operating and playing with from around the globe using the ‘User Matches’ feature in the Events. 

eFootball League:

This feature is a Division-based league. Players from across the world will be playing against other users with their Dream Teams. It will have a phase that will be up for 28 days. During that time, you have to progress by playing matches and winning to reach the highest Division. 

Once the Phase ends, you will be rewarded according to the Division you have reached by playing and winning matches. The rankings will get reset, and a new Phase will kick start from it.

Here is a list of licensed leagues and tournaments of the game:

● UEFA EURO 2020

● Italian Serie A & B

● French Ligue 1 & 2

● Portuguese Liga NOS 

● Turkish Süper Lig

● Russian Premier Liga

● Dutch Eredivisie

● Belgian Pro League

● Danish Superliga

● Scottish Premiership

● Swiss Super League

● Brazillian Brasilierao Assai 2020

● Chinese Super League

● AFC Champions League

Quick Matches:

You can enjoy casual PVP (Player-Vs-Player) matches against players across the world, or you can have a battle with footy fans from your friends or family in this game. Depends on your choice. These quick matches won’t count in your match records. You can win them, or even if you lose, you won’t lose XP points or get your rank lower. 

Developing Your Players:

You can develop the players you have signed for your Dream Team, apart from the fact that you can choose players from different Player Types. You can also develop them according to your needs. 

If you wish to develop your players, you need to follow these steps:

● Head to ‘My Team’

● Tap on ‘Players’ and select the player you want to develop. Follow the steps to develop the player.

● Level up your player by putting them in matches or using the ‘Level Training Programs’ from the event rewards that you have received. 

● You can develop them by using the Progression Points that you have gained by boosting and leveling up your player. 

● Player Progression will allow the users to develop players according to their liking by using ‘Progression Points’. You can develop the player with 2 factors in Player Progression. 

● ‘Player Stats’ focuses on shooting, dribbling, or defending. This will boost the player’s progress in these attributes. You have to use the ‘Suggested’ function that will gain your player’s stats and allocate the points automatically. 

● ‘Team Playstyle’ is mainly focused on the tactical setup of the team. You can configure and change from ‘Game Plan’. Every player and manager has an attribute called ‘Team Playstyle Proficiency’ that tells how capable they are. Players with having a configured Team Playstyle will perform better with their movement on the pitch.

Seasonal Themes:

Dream Team goes through different periods that are called ‘Seasons’. Every ‘Season’ has its own theme, which shows the hot topics happening in the real footballing world. There will be a wide variety of events with matches inside the Seasons. 

In the ‘Challenge Event,’ you can play against other users, or the Tour Events will let you face AI-controlled teams in the matches. Keep playing the matches and earn rewards to sign players and build a squad that will match the Season’s theme. Create a unique team that will be able to battle against any team in all kinds of matches. 

Cross-Play for Console Players and Mobile Players:

Konami is currently working on bringing the biggest change in the gaming world. They are looking forward to bringing all the players from different platforms into one game. The eFootball 2022 will be coming with a new football engine that is created and developed to let console players and mobile players play together. 

They can choose the device they want and battle against other players from different platforms. Mobile players can easily go head-to-head with console users in online matches. You can connect with thousands of football fans from around the world. 

What’s more interesting in this game is that it will be adding a new update in the future with adding controller support for mobile. 

Season 2 Is Here:

Season 12 has gone live on Thursday, June 16, on the game. The devs and publisher has made improvements to the game. Players can expect another season of thrill and fun with the focus on promoting the Dream Team mode, as the publisher highlighted in the recent statement. 

Konami has stated, ‘The various in-game events featuring the new season, “European Leagues Highlights – Clubs, Team Playstyles, and Prime Players,” will begin today, and the players will appear in the unique card designs that feature the clubs that have made it to the top of the European Leagues in the 2021-2022 season. 

In addition, special packs containing 11 players and training items from our Major European partner clubs are now available. Users can bring together energetic players, have them ready to play right away, and build a team and train them around their own footballing philosophy. Indulge in the exciting competition with players from all over the world in the ‘Dream Team.’

Specifications For All Platforms:

The developer and publisher Konami have stated devices that will support the eFootball 2022.

For the Android devices,

● Android OS 7 or higher

● RAM: 2 GB or more

● ARM-Based Quad-Core CPU (1.5 GHz) or above.

For the users who have Apple devices, they will need to upgrade their Apple products to the iOS 13 or higher.

● iPhone 6S or above

● iPad Pro (9.7-inch) or above

● iPad (5th generation) or above

● iPad Air 2 or above

● iPad mini 4 or above

● iPod touch (7th generation)

For PC players,

Minimum requirements:

● Windows 10 

● Intel Core i5 2nd Gen / AMD FX-4350

● Memory: 8 GB RAM

● GPU: GeForce GTX 660 Ti / AMD Radeon HD 7790

● Storage: 50 GB

Maximum requirements:

● Windows 10

● Processor: Intel i5 7th / AMD R5 1600

● Memory: 8 GB RAM

● GPU: GTX 1000 series / AMD RX 590

● Storage: 50 GB

A broadband internet connection that won’t have higher ping and jitter will be an ideal connection for your game.

Final Thoughts:

To conclude this up, you are pretty much aware of eFootball (PES 2022). You know everything about it, the game modes, teams, players, and everything related to the game. What’s interesting about this game is that you can play this game with your friends and family using the cross-play feature in this game. This cross-platform feature is an incredible thing that will change online gaming. Make sure that you don’t miss the game and the all-new Season 2, which is going live right now in the game. 

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