Alienware x14: Brilliant Performance with Quality Design

Alienware x14

If you are looking for a best laptop with appealing design and handsome features and configurations, then Alienware x14 is the best fit to your needs. The Alienware x14’s 14 inches’ super thin design makes it not only attractive but also increases its portability for the user.

Moreover, it’s high speed intel Core i5 12th Gen Processor enables the user to work over their tasks with an exceptionally fast speed. Since its release in January 2022 to till date It has grabbed the market in no time with its exclusive configurations, features, and design.

The Alienware x14 is rapidly dominating its market position among its competitors like Razer Blade, Asus ROG Zephyrus G14, Acer Predator Triton 300 SE, Acer Predator Triton 300 SE and other gaming laptops. Rather than just design and features the Alienware x14 also fits to the pocket of the buyer with its best reasonable price in the market.

Most of the companies, throughout the globe, calling it as the “world’s thinnest laptop” with excellent configuration and features. But it’s not done here yet, there’s a lot more to experience in the Alienware x14.

The Super Thin Design & Build

Throughout the industry of thin laptops and gaming laptops, there are only a few which offers appealing design along with the ease in portability. From the look and feel perspective, Alienware x14 seems close to the last year launched design in the x15 R1 as well as the x17 R1. But after getting used by numerous users it is attaining its own brilliant design identity.

The observable and visual difference between the Alienware x14 and the previously launched designs is the white lunar light with light customization feature and the wide space behind the screen as well.

The Combination of stainless steel and aluminum and magnesium alloy makes the x14’s build making it more stunning than the R17 and previous machines. For Alienware x14, it is quite pretty to look familiarly excellent as it’s other model, tracking a relation with previous models’ designs and builds.

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The design of Alienware x14’s axis joint of screen enables it to turn entirely back and forth which makes it more stunning. Alongside the build of ports is quite feasible than the other laptops like Razer’s Blade 14 which requires a bit bigger bag to carry it inside along the power connector. Having a very light weight of 1.7 Kg makes the Alienware x14 much convenient to take along with you.

Furthermore, Alienware x14’s structure of ports which is 10.35 inches front to back makes it more unique than the Razer Blade 14 ‘s which is of just 8.7 inches. Also it requires lesser surface area than the other laptops including the Razer Blade to put on your working table.

Every single millimeter of Alienware x14 seems very perfectly designed having no negative points that keeps it back in competing the machines from Acer and Asus, such quality of x14 makes it uniquely and extremely thin designed laptop ever with best performance abilities on the go. Today, throughout the gaming laptops industry, the Alienware x14 is rapidly leading the rankings of gaming laptops.

Smooth & Excellent Keyboard

Alongside the impressive design and build the Alienware x14 has exceptionally best practical areas as well. It’s smooth and finest keys makes it a far better than Razer in typing experience. With its larger cursor keys and the centralized RGB LEDs, it seems as more modified than the Razer which also has the lighting feature with per-key lighting.

The Home to volume, microscope, mute keys and an extra column on the right gives it a more standard look. The 1.2mm key caps with single zoned RGB LEDs color controllable lighting provides a solid and smooth typing experience. The media control buttons also make it easier for the user to perform all the media functionalities including muting the mic and speaker, and the turning the volume up and down as well.

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The entire keyboard changeable lighting feature sets the Alienware x14 apart and makes it more astonishing. Personalizing the macros is also got possible and easier with the Fn2-6 keys in this super thin laptop. To the left by 10mm it also has a fine-touch trackpad with a cleanest glass covering giving the user a very pleasant experience over there.

The rubberized texture around the keyboard is also there to give the user a finer, smoother and calmly typing experience. Alienware x14’s gamer-focused design for the keyboard is kept in mind while designing this amazing laptop, that allows the user to have a really great gaming experience ever than all the other older machines made and launched by Alienware.

The windows key, function key, shift key and other similar buttons are alike the other keyboard but are smaller in size than the normal. It would be better to be careful for those who are habitual of using the delete key a lot as it is much closer to the power button which could turn you into trouble while working with focus and cannot afford a single bit of disruption.

The light and media adjustable buttons in the keyboard of Alienware x14 is really appreciable as it lessens the consumption of time in performing several controlling actions.


With the high resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels on the 14-inch display screen at a refresh rate of 144Hz, the Alienware x14 stands out of the crowd. The Alienware x14 gives an impressive display performance when played a 720p video at 50% of the brightness level with full volume till the last drop of its battery. It was made sure that there were no Wi-Fi and keyboard RGB LEDs 100% power of the battery while testing its the display performance.

The overall display of the Alienware x14 can be stated as quite good. The high resolution games like Doom Eternals, the demons and the hellscape can be experienced very well on Alienware that makes it renowned in the gaming world as well, however the color quality is not greatly compatible than the OLED TVs and some other main gaming screens.

On such 14 inches fairly small screen size, the 1080p resolutions seems quite enough to perform smoothly but an extension of 1440p could make it more compatible from the display point of view.

With the top notch 12th gen Intel Alder Lake processor and Nvidia RTX 30 series GPU, the Alienware x14 is dominating throughout the industry of gaming PCs and laptops. However, with the passage of time, the gaming laptops have become smarter and thinner but the commence of Alienware x14 left all the latest, thinnest and smartest gaming laptops behind.

On the arrival of this machine into the market the mostly asked question over it was “does such supper thin machine can provide a better and high resolution gaming experience than others?”. Very sooner, with the unbeatable performance and features, the Alienware x14 gave a solid answer to all such questions.

Alienware x14 has the best gaming performance than the Blade 14 that hits the 78.8% of the premium gaming laptop average meanwhile the Zephyrus G14 has a compatible performance at 83% and Nitro 5 with 81.7%. 

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Market Competitive Pricing:

The Alienware x14 is available in the market with lesser options than the x15 and x17 models offer. Among the Alder Lake Core i5 or i7 processors, Nvidia Geforce RTX 3050, a 3060 GPU, either a double channel 16GB RAM  of 4800Mz or 5200MHz, or SSD storages of 1TB or 2TB, the Alienware’s 14 inches display would be the best and only choice for experiencing better display.

It is not mandatory that having thinnest design and lighter weight would also give the Alienware a lighter pricing range for every wallet. An Alienware x14 with a 2.7 GHz Intel Core i7-12700Hz processor along with 16GB RAM, an SSD of 512GB PCIe NVMe, also having an intel Iris Xe Graphics GPU with 1920 x 1080 resolution display with a refresh rate of 144Hz and 3 millisecond response rate can be available in a cost of $1,649.

The pricings of Alienware x14 gives a tough competition to the Razer Blade 14 which is a prominent competitor of Alienware x14 with a 14-inch display alike the Alienware. However, the Blade can be customized with an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080, it got a bit pricier than the Alienware.

Undoubtedly the price is not as low as the users thought it could be, therefore the options for the machines with lesser configuration than the Alienware x14 is still open. But alongside, it should be kept in mind that such price got that much costly due to the amendment of an SSD of 2TB which is not necessarily to must add in your machine.

Performance of Alienware x14

Here comes a good news for those gamers who were disappointed about the GPU, it’s their time to cheer up as they are going to experience the intel H-series best performance CPU chipset along the comfortable keyboard and attractive lighting features.

However, the physique and the structure of Alienware x14 is quite small but there’s no negative marking about its gaming ability. Worldly famous high resolution games like the Hitman 2 can be experienced very well at a frame rate of 47fps. Moreover, the Shadow of the Tomb Raider was found to be at the score of 64fps with DLSS off and Ray Tracing to Ultra.

With the healthy test scoring of 76.3fps of SPECviewperf 3dsmax 3D-rendereing which makes the Alienware x14 a small but smarter machine in hand. Moreover, it could be better for a machine to use an RTX 3060 GPU to perform better with no disruption during working.

This is a positive performance. This laptop can handle any common content creation work, including photo and video editing, thanks to the incredibly fast Intel CPU. With the ability to open as many browser tabs as you want, multitasking is not a problem. In terms of demanding workloads and creative jobs, the x14 is superior than both competitors.

On planning the gaming on battery power, there is no machine that can give more than 90 minutes. Therefore, for an Alienware x14 5hrs 1 min found to be enough in a video rundown test where only the intel integrated graphics processor remained on duty. How the Ryzen 9 CPU and the Blade 14 could last longer from a 61.6Wh battery and the Alienware cannot get enough from 80Wh battery. Differently structured performance tests given different outcomes regarding the performance of Alienware x14 which can also be found in multiple reviews that a number of users given on several websites.

Alienware’s systems with RTX 3060 graphics the vapor chamber and the proprietary Element 31 thermal paste performs a great job as it prevents the machine to get heated while performing the major tasks or playing games.

Thankfully, there is a numerous thermal quiet setting features from the Alienware Command center app support. Otherwise the fans of Alienware x14 works with a quite aggressive noise whenever any memory or processor consuming actions are being done on your machine.

Alienware x14’s Battery Performance:

The battery life of Alienware differs from actions being performed on the machine like surfing on the web only, or sometimes streaming online videos, at max. the battery of x14 can last for the whole workday giving the best out of it. The x14 lasted just for 8hrs when tested under a simple video rundown test. The gamers who want to play on Alienware x14 without plugging in must need to keep all such battery and power circumstances in mind.

Having said that, Alienware x14 deserves the credit for giving the x14 a 130-watt USB-C power cable rather than a proprietary charger, as so many gaming laptops do. The Alienware’s power cable could also be used in order to charge other gadgets having USB-C ports like table or phone.

As an alternative, you might use a universal USB-PD charger, but you should make sure it has the necessary power output and a compatible cable to properly charge the x14. This is because many Dell systems can be finicky about USB-C charging if you’re using out-of-date or non-compliant peripherals.

Lasting & Reliability of Alienware x14:

However, the Alienware x14 is coming up with poor battery life, in contrast of it, this model of Alienware is being stated as the most reliable one. During the gaming session the battery of x14 could disrupt your gaming as it does not last longer enough to cover your entire long duration of playing games on it.

Alienware laptops have an estimation of lasting for 3 to 4 years with giving its best in such period and could be used more longer than this estimated period if treated and handled with care.

Undoubtedly, the Alienware x14 seems to be the pricier than all the other machines but it is the best fit and a valuable investment for all of your workings up ahead. Undeniably, the x14 has the best build and design quality in the entire gaming laptop or pc industry with excellent user experience. In the current time, Alienware x14 stands in the market with its dominant reputation over the gaming laptops industry.

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Extended Warranty of Alienware x14:

Gaming laptop buyers who shell out over $1,000 won’t want to take a chance on warranty coverage. Alienware produces reliable, high-quality PCs, but because of their portability, they are more susceptible to accidents and thefts or unfavorable climatic conditions. Laptop users frequently encounter issues like cracked screens, water damage, and worn buttons. The manufacturer’s warranty, however, only covers the cost of fixing flaws. People who purchase gaming laptops will feel at ease using their computer to work fearlessly as the company is providing extended warranty so the customers can experience extra security.

Concluding Thoughts About Alienware x14:

In the quality laptop industry, The Alienware x14 is being claimed as the slimmest laptop with the finest and perfect build ever. With its unbeatable robust design quality, the Alienware has secured its position among the best laptops in the world. But be ready to pay more if you want more than this to do extensive gaming on your laptop. After everything, The Alienware x14 is an excellent yet pricey gaming laptop. The laptop, in my opinion, could have been much better with a few tweaks and a slightly thicker chassis. The marketing team loves the tiny chassis, but we don’t believe any users would complain if it were 2-3 millimeters thicker.

Undeniably, this finest gaming laptop in the 14-inch category are up against some tough competition. The RTX 3060 setup we tested costs $1,949, while an RTX 3050 configuration with an i5-12500H processor costs $1,499.99. The Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 offers two similar pricing tiers with AMD components, while the Razer Blade 14 manages to cram some very amazing components into its small form factor. The Alienware x14, in contrast, falls into a “budget” category that is closely related to the high-end pricing range of the brand.

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