Hide.me Review for 2023 – How Trustworthy it is?


Want to surf the internet with a secure, smooth, and speedy connection? Well, Hide.me is here with the safest service, easy-to-access user interface, and zero activity log policy. Hide.me VPN’s remarkable and user-friendly features makes it unique among the other VPNs.

Hide.me, a Malaysia-based VPN service provider, is securing the 21st position out of 29 among other VPNs in the world.

Hide.me has a significant number of users throughout the globe. It has emerged as a broadly used and best VPN since it was introduced in the market. It has an excellent ability to let the user access most streaming sites that are usually not easy to open. The users and several testing companies assured the quality of Hide.me.

Many superb features can not be denied while using Hide.me, which are mentioned below:

Hide.me Review: Remarkable Features:

Its remarkable features let anyone surf over the internet through its fast-speed premium servers around the globe. It offers fantastic features like Global IPTV, Bypass Internet connection, a super-fast surfing speed, Wi-Fi Security, zero activity log storing policy, latest VPN protocols, high-quality servers, IP masking, multiple devices compatibility, and easy setup guidance, and much more.

The free version Hide.me VPN lets you use data with a limit of 10GB in a month, which exceeds the paid version. It has over 25 million users worldwide with 100% satisfaction and good feedback.

Hide.me VPN offers the best safety and security as it stores none of your activities log for personal or promotional usage. Its fast servers, which are managed in various countries, enable you to access websites, portals, and streaming sites that are generally unavailable in your respective locations.

Very few VPNs support the IPv6 and Wire Guard protocol, but fortunately, the Hide.me VPN does. Furthermore, it allows you to configure up to 10 different devices to your one Hide.me VPN account, which is not usually available in its free plan where the user cannot connect to more than one device.

Hide.me does not ever compromise with its compatibility and gives the user an outstanding experience with its rapid and fast installation and launching, even on Windows 11. It has a zero-conflict record with any operating system (O.S.) and is fully compatible with various OS. Hide.me has all the features which make the user feel that their device is in excellent and safe hands.

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Hide.me Review: Super-Fast Premium Servers

Hide.me serves its users with 2000+ premium servers worldwide. The paid version of Hide.me VPN allows you to use all of its fast servers without switching, surfing, or streaming disruptions. At the same time, the free version offers only 5 servers.

The Hide.me VPN users can access all the premium servers without data capping with the premium subscription. The premium tier also exceeds the device limit to 1 device of 10 devices. Meanwhile, the Windscribe VPN, Surfshark, and Avira Phantom VPN allow unlimited access through multiple devices.

The network of its servers has comprehensive coverage that is expanded over the Asia-Pacific, North and South America, Africa, and Europe. The servers in North America, Asia-Pacific, and Europe have many server collections. These servers are well-optimized to go beyond the geographical restrictions and enable the user easy and fast access to several streaming sites.

Every server of Hide.me is peer-to-peer supported for file sharing and is torrent-friendly. Moreover, Hide.me also suggests using the Stealth Guard to make the torrenting more protected.

Hide.me Review: Completely Safe & Private:

However, for troubleshooting concerns, the Hide.me VPN stores a short-term and temporary data record, including the randomly generated internally-assigned IP address and usernames. But that data gets erased briefly, ensuring complete data security so that none of your online activity can be traced or linked back.

While the data regarding the browsing behavior, originating IP addresses, and your location is excluded from temporary data storing. In short, unlike the other VPNs, which accumulate a meaningful amount of your data, Hide.me ensures a complete zero log policy.

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Unlike the other VPNs that ask you for numerous personal information, Hide.me values your privacy and confidentiality. Therefore, signing up requires nothing much but one of your email addresses, making it more feasible and user-friendly.

Apart from just a zero activity log policy, it offers several other fantastic security features and lets you surf the internet anonymously. Unlike other free VPNs that repeatedly use your activity log to show irrelevant ads in exchange for free VPN service, Hide.me never adopts such behaviors.

It means your connection history, data, and even your online activities are completely masked and not stored by the company.

Hide.me keeps your email address only to contact you, which you can permanently delete after the subscription. Furthermore, if you would not like to have newsletters and other updates, you can also exclude the email address option.

Your online privacy does not ever get affected with Hide.me VPN, while some of the VPNs keep few of your connection logs. If the authorities are investigating any kind of information, Hide.me clearly states that it will hand it over to them if required.

Hide.me’s safest logging policies were verified in an audit conducted by a renowned analyst of security-testing firm DefenseCode, Leon Juranic, in 2015. The audit confirms that Hide.me offers zero activity logs; however, few other VPNs still record some of the temporary connection logs of the user. It has been verified that the Hide.me VPN is the safest and most private VPN to use fearlessly.

Hide.me Review: The Fast & Secure VPN:

It gives pretty fast speed on long-distance as well. Hide.me’s high-speed connections are good for High-Resolution Streaming and much more. Meanwhile, sometimes the user could experience low upload speed with higher pings, which is acceptable.

Measures of such speed can be categorized as:

Download Speed: The download speed is measured in Megabits per second or Mbps. It lets you analyze how fast the network can download the data.

Upload Speed: This speed lets you know at what speed they can be sent or uploaded, and it is also measured in Mbps.

Latency or Ping: Ping is concerned with gaming experiences. The lower the ping rate, the better speed. It’s measured in milliseconds.

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Local Speeds

Since the VPN reroutes your data, it is usual to experience lagging in speed as it connects you to a server in such a case facing some disruption in speed is normal. Although, an average download speed of 38.7 Mbps and upload speed of 70.78 Mbps with a ping of 6 ms is ideal in Hide.me. However, such drops in speed are usual, but still Hide.me VPN provides a good speed for 4k streaming.

Long-Distance Speeds

A drop in speed with 18.34 Mbps download speed, and 32.70 Mbps upload speed with an increase in ping from 6 ms to 265 ms while connecting to a US server is normal.

Hide.me Review: Good for Torrenting?

Absolutely yes. If you’re looking for a convenient torrenting service, then Hide.me is, undoubtedly, the best. It offers torrenting without any throttle in the traffic. Several tests have shown a good performance of Hide.me torrenting service with an impressive speed of 17MS/s (136mbps).

However, the speed depends upon several factors, including the seeders. In that case, the speed could vary.

Hide.me is rapidly gaining a good reputation among the torrent users. Because Hide.me is quite convenient regarding its torrenting services by offering the torrents on most of its servers.

According to most Hide.me users, it provides the best torrenting experience with fast speed and secure P2P activity through its safe servers. Its safe, private and fast network through its premium satellites makes Hide.me VPN’s torrenting ability outstanding.

Hide.me VPN’s Compatibility With Gaming:

However, Hide.me lets you explore over the internet and stream online with security and high speed, but since it gives a meaningful level of ping, it would be better not to use it for gaming purposes. Because of an average amount of ping, the gameplay experience could become a bit troublesome, as the live streaming or online team-play games might not run smoothly.

In many of the speed tests, it was found that Hide.me offers a non-appreciable latency performance. However, the upload results could be reduced by 68.4 percent and the download rest result by 75.8 percent, which is a prominent decrease in speed. But still, in many tests, the Hide.me VPN performed exceptionally well when tested for its more than 30 services.

Hide.me review: Online Streaming Performance:

Since several video streaming providers believe that VPN users can manipulate their locations and access the unsilenced content in their regions or states, those streaming sites block the users who are using VPNs.

Like the BBC streaming iPlayer, which is only licensed and available for the citizens of the United Kingdom(UK), and the well-renowned video streaming site, Netflix does not ever compromise with such concerns and straightly blocks those VPN access in no time.

Several tests were reported where Netflix was inaccessible with a domestic server connection of Hide.me VPN. The different regions could experience other circumstances, but the VPN allowed by Netflix could be blocked or banned anytime as it is against their regulations. Such professional video streaming sites never compromise on violating their rules.

Among the good features, there is also a drawback of Hide.me is that it does not offer specialized servers. Several companies are ready to face rare actions. Such actions could include the attempt to watch Netflix. Meanwhile, NordVPN offers several specialized servers.

Among its servers, there is one that offers double encryption, while one is also there to route the traffic via VPN through the Tor anonymization network.

Hide.me review: All About Pricing

Hide.me offers very affordable VPN bundle subscriptions. Along with its monthly subscription, which is £9.99, there is an affordable full-year subscription with a cost of £79.99, which makes £6.66 a month.

It also offers a much more beneficial bundle of two years at the expense of £99.99 at a reasonable price of £4.16 a monthly. Compared to other VPNs’ paid subscriptions like NordVPN, Hide.me, VPN seems quite convincing and market competitive.

Hide.me bundle subscriptions are expensive only for those looking for short-term deals and unlocking all video streaming services. It is a valuable VPN service for businesses and regular individuals striving for professional, fast, and secure VPNs. For technical users, Hide.me is the best VPN ever. It has its unique image in the crowd of various VPNs, with multiple features and services for its users.

Initially, Hide.me offers a free version with no charges. However, only 2 GB to 10 GB of data per month is provided by the Hide.me VPN and lets you connect to its five premium servers on one of your devices at a time.

But still, Hide.me stands out of the crowd as none of any other VPN offers such unique and free service higher than the volume offered by other VPNs in exchange for no single penny.

It could be possible that you do not find the Hide.me VPN suitable for you. In such a case, several VPNs are also available, but they offer significantly fewer data in their free version, like the TunnelBear VPN, which gives only 500MB of data in its free version for a month.

Meanwhile, ProtonVPN is also there, costing £4 per month. However, such paid versions of other VPNs do not limit your data. But they could specify the devices and servers in their free versions, which is significantly lesser in quantity than the Hide.me.

Before buying the paid version of any other VPN with limited features, the Hide.me VPN should be tried once. Hide.me offers free and paid versions, whereas the paid one gives you the premium features at reasonable prices.

The Hide.me’s paid version is the premium one, costing $14.95 per month. At the same time, there are other VPNs as well which are charging lesser costs than Hide.me. Undeniably, the cost of Hide.me is a bit higher than the average prices in the market.

The Norton Secure VPN offers its premium version for $7.99 a month. Meanwhile, ProtonVPN’s full-featured services are also there at $5.00 a month. But it should also be kept in mind that Hide.me offers special discounts on its yearly premium subscriptions.

Like other VPN companies, Hide.me also offers long-term subscriptions but healthy yearly plans. The one-year plan of Hide.me would cost you £79.99 with a monthly breakdown of £6.66. It also offers a two-year plan, which seems more advantageous as it is £99.99 at a reasonable price of £4.16 a month.

But still, it is recommended for the new users to experience the short-term plans first before directly stepping on the long-term plans. In such a way, you can make sure whether the VPN fits best to your needs or not.

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Hide.me Review: How to Get A Paid Account:

For a paid VPN account, there are several payment methods. Those payment methods include major credit cards, PayPal, and other anonymous payment channels like Ethereum and BitCoin. Such methods are convenient when purchasing a VPN for commercial or regular usage

. A few issues could be faced when using Hide.me, like its page of Privacy Badger Tracker Blocker has been reported to have some minor problems with it, and the issues mentioned above could be encountered once in a blue moon.

Hide.me Review: Latest VPN Protocols

VPNs have been in service for a long time; the users have various methods of creating encrypted tunnels. One of the best practices is through the OpenVPN protocol. Because it has the latest methodologies, its code is analyzed correctly and debugged for vulnerable possibilities.

OpenVPN is a plus for the Hide.me Windows program. It supports the brand-new IKEv2 protocol. The Hide.me also offers SSTP and PPTP legacy support. These final two should be avoided, but they are helpful for legacy support.

Moreover, the SoftEther VPN protocol support is also included in the features of Hide.me. It is the most superior service of Hide.me, making its technology more unique and competitive. This service is being claimed by the company that is not easy to block or detect.

Other competitor VPNs also provide such features to prevent VPN detecting and blocking. On top of the order OpenVPN, the Wire Guard is known very well, ensuring the users with unbeatable speeds and defensive security levels. Hide.me, for the time being, does not provide support for the Windows app of WireGuard.

Hide.me Review: In A Nutshell.

Hide.me VPN’s privacy and security policies are pretty defensive and assertive, which is counted among its best features. It allows 10 connections simultaneously, which is considered the best VPN technology. Rather than just privacy and simultaneous connections, Hide.me also offers a very sound distribution of its premium servers throughout the globe.

Most prominently, it does not compromise on some crucial features that the competitors ignore. Alongside the best features, it also has a few drawbacks, among which costly short-term packages. But on the other side, it is found to be very affordable if subscribed for the long-term plans which give a lot of discounts.

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