Beelink GTR5 Mini PC Review: All The Important Bits You Need To Know


Sometimes you find a product in the PC market, and you realize how far we’ve come in terms of technology. The Beelink GTR5 mini PC is one of those products. It has a power source in the form of a high-standard Ryzen 9 processor, offering up to 1 TB SSD and 64 GB RAM. It has set the standard in the workstation market for how a mini PC should look and work.

The GTR5 has been setting up benchmarks with a high score in the multithreaded tests. Its 5900HX and 16 threads composition made it quite the competitor in performance testing. Besides performance, the PC has a lot more to offer. The attention of Beelink to subtle design and system details is surely commendable.

We’ve also seen that the system is able to deliver USPs effectively – with fingerprint readers, dual microphones, and dual LAN ports of 2.5 GB – the developers have done an excellent job. The state-of-the-art features are what have helped this mini PC rise to the top of the scoreboard.

It is a powerful laptop specifically designed for gaming and other medium-intensive activities. It can be bought from the market barebone or as a fully configured system. The price ranges from $799-$1000, depending upon the components present in the kit.

One thing to note is that all SKUs are composed of Ryzen 9 processors. The GTR7 which is an older model of Beelink is, integrated with a Ryzen 7 3750H processor, however, so you must remember not to confuse it with the new GTR5.

GTR5 Mini pc

GTR5 Mini PC At A Glance:

Processor: AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX/ 46 W PL1, Short Burst / Cezanne H (Zen 3), Sustained

Graphics adapter: Memory – 1600MHz, 512 MB AMD Radeon RX Vega 8, Ryzen 4000/5000

Memory: 32768 MB, Dual-channel

Mainboard: Bixby FCH/ AMD Promontory

Storage: 500 GB

Weight: 686 g = 24.2 oz/ 1.51 pounds

Power Supply: 382 g = 13.47 oz/ 0.84 pounds

Price: 700-1000 USD

1.   Beelink GTR5 Mini PC: Case

Beelink has taken the design of Intel GTI11 and incorporated it into their AMD GTR5. The build and dimensions are both repurposed from its Intel competitor. One obvious differentiating characteristic is the unit top, which is optimized to accommodate the H Series AMD processor. We see a perforated surface in place of a smooth texture to allow the passage of air.

It offers a fast-performing CPU while weighing the same as its Intel counterpart, NUC11PAQ. The top is made of glossy plastic and edges follow a chrome cut configuration. It is likely to catch fingerprints and low-impact scratches due to the glossy strip. A second power button in the form of a fingerprint scanner is located near the top of the device’s front. Mounting screws are also attached to allow removing of the VESA adaptor.

The PC is slide resistant due to rubber feet present at the horizontal edge of the hardware. The logo of Beelink is not white or yellow, as seen in most of their products. In GTR5, it is red, which is fair too, as they keep changing their logo with each model of mini-PC they introduce. The kit comes with an AC adaptor packaged in the box as well.

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2.  Beelink GTR5 Mini PC: Hardware

GTR5 is no less than a beast production of Beelink, accompanied by 16 threads and 8 horns cores, the system purrs in its full glory. It offers 20 MB cache, an AMD Radeon Vega 8 Graphic (8 cores), and a 3.3GHz base frequency. The clock speed measures up to 2.1 GHz, whereas the low TDP characteristic makes it suitable for SSF devices. It falls into the category of a desktop replacement laptop. Its 2021 launch brought in a new evolution into the world of mini PCs.

Coming to the CPU, it is integrated with two memory modules of 16 GB DDR4-3200, gaining the system extra cookie points with a dual channel. It also has a Bluetooth-supported wireless card (AMD/Mediatek RZ608 WiFi-6E) accompanied by an SSD of 5000 GB. The SSD or HDD is hosted in a separate bay that comes with an extra M.2 SATA slot for an additional SSD. The power supply unit of the PC comes from a 90 W power outlet. The kit also contains a VESA mount bracket, two HDMI cables, and one user manual.

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3.  Beelink GTR5 Mini PC: Ports

A power button is located at the front of the hardware next to a 3.0 USB port, a CMOS button, and a USB-C port. You will also find a 3.5 mm headphone or mic jack towards the front of the device. A look at the back will showcase a perforated surface for higher ventilation. The rear of the device contains additional USB ports (USB 3.9 and USB 2.0), along with a DisplayPort, an HDMI, and dual Ethernet of 2.5 GB. The 90 W power supply is supported by a barrel jack located near these ports.

On the inside, there are two SODIMM RAM slots. Each model of Beelink mini PC series is equipped with a dual-channel memory and so is GTR5. You get a total of 64 GB RAM besides a 2 TB SSD slot, M.2 2280 NVMe. The system can be fitted with an additional 2 TB by inserting a 2.5-inch drive for increased memory.

Another noteworthy thing about this series is the presence of double 2.5 GbE ports for LAN. You can improve the connection speed significantly with these port connections, i.e. if your networking hardware allows.

Most internet plans for homes do not go above one gigabit, but you can obtain a transfer speed of 2.5 gigabits with a network that allows more robust networking. The connectivity makes it super convenient to transfer large files from and to NAS.

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4.   Beelink GTR5 Mini PC: Performance

The power of GTR5 unquestionably delivers high power output with its Ryzen 9 5900HX processor. Despite being a mobile chip, this processor is efficient enough to get high-intensity computing tasks done with eight cores and 16-threads.

Coupled with a 3.3GHz base clock and a 4.6 GHz boost speed, the system has created its own identity in the market. The PC is accompanied by 32 GB or 64 GB DDR4 SODIMM RAM that is clocked at a speed of 32000MHz. The GPU is fixed with a Vega 8 chip, having eight cores compatible for 2100MHZ current.

In an assessment of GTR5 with its competitor systems, the GTR5 outperformed Mac Mini M1 as well. With its i7-1186G7, it completely defeated the OptiPlex 7090 except for the file copy test of 25 GB. The reason for the disappointing copy test result is rooted in the SSD rather than the CPU. The device also successfully took over OptiPlex as well as Mc Mini M1 in the Handbrake transcoding test.

The robust mini PC is also suitable for fast gaming due to its Vega GPU. It fired up 35 playable frames each second in the benchmark of Civilization VI and that, too, at 1080p. The score in Time Spy and Fire Strike was also quite promising, knocking out even the OptiPlex GPU integrated with Iris Xe.

To be precise, you can play games on this PC with low to medium power settings (at 720p-1080p) without any system snags. The task becomes even more suited if the game is compatible with AMD’s FSR technology.

Stressing out GTR5 during gaming sessions is not as easy as a lot of other computer configurations. You can reach a passable frame rate for games like Destiny 2 at 1080 with low settings.

5.   Beelink GTR5 Mini PC: Software

The developer preferred Windows for GTR5 was Windows 11. This led to us thinking that maybe it will show the same bloatware frequency as seen in Microsoft ISO images, but the only considerable feature here was an Education Edition of Minecraft.

The default Microsoft version is usually packed with pre-installed apps like Instagram, TikTok, Disney +, and Prime Video. It was a pleasant surprise when we did not find any of them in the device.

Beelink even claims that users can install operating systems of their choice on GTR5. The company recommended Ubuntu Linux, but we did not have any problems installing Batocera, Pop!_OS, Manjaro, and Garuda either. With Linux, however, the performance and speed of GTR are incomparable.

You can also utilize Proxmox to obtain virtualization host features from GTR. Running virtual machines on the system is possible due to its generous RAM and a higher core count. But, we will say that this practice translates to wasting the power of GTR.

You may also think about turning it into HTPC with LibreElec installation, but that is also likely to turn out as a power wastage as well. LibreElec works better with systems that are Celeron-based or low powered devices.

6.   Beelink GTR5 Mini PC: Price And Availability

The GTR5 mini PC is available on Amazon, starting at a price of $799 for a model that comes with 500 GB NVMe SSD and a dual-channel RAM of DDR4 SODIMM clocked at 3200MHZ. You can get an upgraded version with 1 TB SSD and 64 GB RAM for an additional $499, taking the price up to $999. You can buy them from Amazon, but it is worth exploring other stores to find a lower price.

You will get the same mobile processor, Ryzen 9 5900HX, no matter what the configuration of the machine is. A processor is merged with Radeon Vega 8 graphics for higher gaming support. The number of ports and the body of the device do not change with price.

Talking about specs, the GTR5 stands right next to Dell OptiPlex 7090 ultra. It is also fixed with an i7-118G7 CPU, which is attached to the back of Ruzen 9 5900HX. Dell is sold for $1732 with 16 GB RAM and a storage of 256 GB, and the lowest you can get it on sales is $800-900.

The relative analysis of GTR with Mac Mini M11 showcased a comparable performance, which means you can also get Mac Mini as a low-priced alternative, costing only $699. Keep in mind, though, that Mac mini PC is older and less advanced. It is also currently awaiting a refresh (expected later this year) from the developers.

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7.   Beelink GTR5 Mini PC: System Noise

There are two internal fans in GTR5 which are active the entire time the PC is in operation. This is the main reason why this mini PC is louder than a lot of other similar systems. On the Windows desktop screen display, the fan noise was already recordable, measuring up to 34.2 dB(A). The recorded sound was more than the less powerful CPU systems, Intel NUC11PAQI7 and GMK NucBox 2 with a noise measurement of ~25 dB(A).

If you attempt to run high-load games, it may stimulate a higher intensity fan noise, reaching up to 41 to 45 dB(A). This is even louder than the GeForce RTX 2060 infused system of Intel NUC11PHKI7C. No matter your approach and settings, the sound of GTR5 is going to be loud.

So, if you are someone who likes to work in a silent environment, you may want to think twice before purchasing this PC. The good thing is that the cycling or pulsation of fans does not occur frequently, otherwise the sound would have been more irritating.

8.   Beelink GTR5 Mini PC: Temperature

For GTR5 mini PC, the surface temperature is not a problem because of the ventilation-friendly device top. The upper surface of the device is filled with holes, offering ample airflow to cool down the system. However, if you place papers, books, or other obstructing objects on top of the device, the temperature may rise. If you are setting up the PC vertically, make sure that the top of the device is not pressed against a wall or shelf to ensure optimal airflow.

9.   Beelink GTR5 Mini PC: Power Consumption

Running games that demand higher power takes up 2x more power compared to low power gaming. Even with a slightly low-performing Radeon RX Vega 8 of GTR5, gaming consumes double the power it would with a Core i7 powered Intel.

The users of GTR5 still receive a multi thread CPU performance of about 70 percent, which makes up for the higher power consumption of the device. While running loads of FurMark and Prime95, we calculated a draw reaching to a maximum of 82W with a 90 W AC (12.5 x 5 x 3cm) adaptor.

10. Beelink GTR5 Mini PC: Communication:

Aside from a few other PCs, GTR5 is the first one in its category to have skipped the standard Qualcomm Atheros and Intel AX200 series and opted for the MediaTek RZ 608. The configuration of the module allows 6E speeds of Wi-Fi, but the company has decided to keep the reach limited to Wi-Fi 6 Netgear RAX200 at the time. You will still get reliable transfer rates, so there is not much to fret about.

Should I Purchase The Beelink GTR5 Mini PC?

If you’re looking for a high performing PC in a price range that does not exceed $1000, GTR5 is the perfect pick. With a storage model upgrade that comes with 64 GB RAM and 1 TB SSD, the developers have expanded the choice of their consumers. The device also escorts a powerful processor, which makes even the most intensive tasks doable for this mini PC.

GTR5 is not recommended for those who get distracted by minimal sounds while working. The fans affixed to the system create constant whirring sounds that change in intensity as the fan speeds fluctuate. Keep this factor in mind while making a purchase.

Final Verdict

Getting a 32GB/500GB at $799 dollars is definitely a good deal in our opinion. Besides, who wants to give up a first-class AMD processor with 32000MHZ RAM, NVMe SSD, and space for two extra 2.5 inch SATA SSDs? The Rymen 9 processor is often found in gaming PCS because it is supplied with dedicated and powerful GPUs. However, in this case, we see GTR5 utilizing a GPU integrated with 5900HX smartly.

GTR5 can serve as an efficient workspace if you opt for the 32 GB model that comes with 16 threads and eight cores. If you need to do video and photo editing, the PC will be able to get the job done with no hassle. However, if your workload is more intensive than that, a mini PC may not be able to fulfill your workstation requirements.

The GTR5 has successfully taken the spotlight among the most powerful mini PCs. Its undeniable power and value make it a favorite of many. It offers an array of applications besides meeting basic use cases. Undoubtedly, it delivers value for money. You can consider getting it if you believe that the PC is sufficient to manage your workload.

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