What’s New About the Destiny 2: The Witch Queen


Destiny 2: The Witch Queen is the latest expansion to Bungie’s 5-year-old title, which has grown in popularity and scope since its release. This DLC contains a slew of improvements, new gameplay mechanics, quests, and weapons to squish your time with. The new weapon crafting system should keep you occupied for a long time as you work to create the perfect gun.

However, the writing quality of The Witch Queen wasn’t as impressive as it was expected to be. While it’s certainly better than Shadow Keep or Beyond Light, we didn’t find the story or dialogue to be particularly compelling, especially given the amount of build-up we’d had up to this point.

And if you’re coming in for the first time, we don’t think Destiny 2 is any friendlier than it was before — a major complaint many, have had about the game.

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The Core Destiny 2 Loop Is The Same

The Witch Queen essentially maintains the core Destiny 2 loop. Some weapons received buffs to increase their competitiveness, while others received nerfs to bring them back into line. The glaive, a melee/ranged/defensive option in the Special slot, is new in this expansion. It’s actually a lot of fun, especially since melee attacks don’t use up ammo (like they do on swords).

The other significant change is weapon crafting. Loot has driven the Destiny grind since its inception, as you strive for the “god roll” (the ideal set of perks) weapon. However, if you put in a lot of effort, you can now create your own god roll. We’re talking about several hours to fully unlock everything on a specific weapon.

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You Still Have To Work For Red Border Guns

Guns with red borders will appear at random. You can improve these weapons by using them to defeat enemies and complete tasks. You can extract crafting resources from the weapon once it has been attuned (which is currently the only way to get those resources).

Some feared that weapon crafting would disrupt Destiny 2’s core gameplay loop, but this is not the case. You still need to grind for red border guns, and there are new weapons that aren’t craftable, encouraging you to grind for a godroll if you’re not satisfied with what you can build.

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Given the hype and build-up to The Witch Queen, many gamers were ultimately disappointed in the writing quality. The dialogue was also not very good. The game, on the whole, was a success. Without a doubt, Witch Queen is Destiny 2’s all-time series high point.

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