Free PS Plus Games [Updated 2023]

Sony is all set to announce the next batch of free games for PS Plus for the month of June 2022. PS fanatics have to wait to play some of the best games on the subscription service.

Expected Free Games for PS Plus June 2022:

According to the leaks and rumors, it is said that new games will be coming to the paid subscription service for the month of June.

Check eFootball?

SpellForce 3 Reforged:

Some reports say that the SpellForce 3 Reforged will be launching on 7th June, so many people are expecting that it will be a launch giveaway like Sony occasionally has done in the past with the biggest hit Control as well Hell Let Loose.

As of now, the game is already available to pre-order from the PSN store. People who don’t have the PS Plus can acquire the game by pre-ordering it on the PlayStation Network.

Check GTA 6

Call of Duty Game:

In the other rumors, it is expected that a Call of Duty game will be arriving on the PS Plus in June. Infinity Ward will be revealing the Modern Warfare 2 in early June, so it is rumored that we will be getting another CoD game like every other year.


People are expecting that Outriders will be coming to the subscription service as well. It is already a part of Xbox Game Pass, and the Worldslayer expansion pack is dropping on 28th June. Also, the reports that are circulating on the internet and social media say that the developer Square Enix hasn’t made any profit from the game. It is more likely that they will be making this available for the gamers to get some profit and transactions from the game.

Some gamers expected that the announcement would be happening on 25th May, but the rule of Sony is the next batch of giveaways is always announced during the midweek before they are released. The next giveaway is confirmed for 7th June, so it is more likely that 1st June will be the announcement of the games.

Check Fuga: Melodies Of Steel

Gamers who haven’t subscribed to the gaming subscription service should do it now. They can pick up the packages, Essential, Extra, and Premium. The Essential starts at $9.99, while Extra is $14.99, and Premium is $17.99. Players will get a huge library of games from which they can pick any game and play it.

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