Maintenance Work Coming To eFootball? Details and Maintenance Time


eFootball is all set to launch the new Season 2 and Update 1.1.0 that will be starting soon, and it will last for days.

eFootball Maintenance Work and Time:

According to the reports, eFootball maintenance will be starting on May 29th, and it will continue until June 2nd, Thursday, 2022. This maintenance work will make the PES servers down for a straight four days while giving only limited access to the fans. This downtime has been organized by the developer team of PES for launching a new update to the game and to kick-start the new Season 2.

The ending time is not confirmed yet for the maintenance. The times may differ because of the region/country, and it might get extended if needed. Players can play Trial Matches using selected teams. Moreover, the devs have planned to add the ‘Beginner’ difficulty as well as the ’10 minutes’ match time option for the players.

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As per Konami, compensation will be shared. 300 eFootball coins will be sent out to all users that created a profile by May 29th, 2022, at 21:59 (UTC). Also, people should note down that Season 2 will not start straight right after the maintenance ends. It will kick off on June 16th, 2022, that’s roughly 2 weeks after the huge maintenance work.


A message from Konami for the players out there, “We still plan to hold a plethora of events in the meantime, so don’t forget to tune into the game. The purpose of the maintenance is to bring improvements to online PvP matches, including a better decision algorithm for victory/defeat and more servers. Furthermore, we plan to prepare the servers for features that will be released in the future, such as sharing play data between the console and mobile version.’

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The report says that the PES Version 1.1.0 will be including improvements for the win/loss decisions during the online matches. The enhancements of server capacity and preparation for future initiatives, for instance, data sharing between console and mobile. More stuff will be coming to the game once the maintenance has been completed and the new update is live.

The players have to do their tasks and complete the objectives before going into the maintenance and update phase, so they won’t lose the progress that they have made so far in this season.

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