8 Valuable Tips for Advertising Your Home Online

Over the years, digital marketing has made it easier for homeowners to sell their properties. The online world enabled buyers to search for houses and sellers to secure a sale faster than the conventional process. If you’re planning to sell your house, here are eight essential tips to help you create a powerful digital marketing strategy and sell your property online.

Secure your house

Before promoting your house online, you must get it in order first. Handle necessary repairs, declutter, and give your property a rigorous cleaning. Enhance the curb appeal and make it as visually aesthetic as possible. Your goal is for potential buyers to see themselves residing in your house, so turning it into a neutral canvas is essential. If you need to sell your home faster, consider working with a cash-buying company such as Problem Property Pals, as they can buy your house as it is.

Price it right

Aside from securing your house, you must also price it competitively before listing. Research the current price trends of similar properties in your area to help establish a fair sales price. If you’re working with a real estate agent, have them conduct a comparative market analysis to make the selling process more efficient. You can also check various listing websites or use an online real estate calculator.

Take quality photos

House listing photos can make or break a sale, so taking high-quality images is necessary. Modern homebuyers, especially those who rely on online marketplaces, want to see the properties clearly, and some prefer remote house tours to in-person. Ensure your photos showcase your house’s best features. Take pictures from various angles and get an aerial view of your property. Snap photos during the night as well, but make sure that your property has sufficient lighting to prevent washed-out pictures.

Invest in videos

High-quality videos can also make a difference when selling your home. Create 3D virtual tours for potential clients who cannot physically visit the property. You can gain more clients by uploading these videos on your Youtube or Facebook accounts. If budget permits, it would be best to hire a professional videographer as they’re highly skilled in shooting and editing real estate videos.

Write engaging listings

Once you have quality photos and videos, you can now focus on writing compelling and attention-grabbing descriptions. Check the listings of similar houses for sale within your neighborhood to get inspiration. Be as detailed and descriptive as possible and ensure that all information is accurate.

Have your real estate agent proofread your property descriptions and ensure your punctuation and grammar are correct. Select your adjectives carefully to avoid overselling. Be mindful of your words, as some of them can be red flags, and make it a point to include those that boost value.

 Utilize social media

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to advertise your house is through social media. Share your listing on your social media platforms and chat with your online followers. Have your loved ones share your listing post to widen your buyer reach. Join social media groups and advertise on various online marketplaces. If you have additional funds, consider buying online ads to attract more qualified buyers.

 Advertise on third-party real estate platforms

Aside from promoting on social media, you can also list your property on popular real estate websites. Some of your options include Redfin, Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, Quadwalls, Vesta Preferred Realty, Homes.com, Point2Homes, Remax, Rent, Realestate, HomeFinder, LoopNet, RealtyTrac, and Movoto. Consult with your agent on which sites can best generate quality potential homebuyers. Compare the strengths and weaknesses of each one and make sure you clearly understand the services they offer.

Create a website

If you have several properties for sale, it would be wise to build a website to consolidate them. Creating a real estate website can make the process more efficient for you and your potential property buyers, as everything is centralized. You can either build one yourself or have it done by professionals. Explore different website builders and choose the one that suits your budget and digital marketing needs.

With today’s competitive housing market, advertising your property online should already be a given. Take note of these tips and have fun in the process.


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