Best Link Building Tools & Programs for Bloggers

Starting a blog imposes a huge responsibility on its author – managing, updating, and creating information on a regular basis for it. Tools for bloggers are introduced to help them with that stock of tasks to handle. In particular, this article refers to link building tools that would be helpful for bloggers in their daily activities. We present you with the best programs and tools for link building and explain how you could benefit from them as a blogger. Also, we will tell you more about link building websites and how they can impact your blog rating.

Best SEO Tools for Bloggers

Relations among the websites are very important for Google because they help to establish the website’s or blog’s trustworthiness. Such relations are usually constructed using a

paid guest posting service or a specialized link-building service. However, getting backlinks from other websites or guest blog posting services is not everything – you need to manage their lifecycle.

There is a variety of free and paid tools for link building that offer automatic checks of the backlinks associated with your blog. Some tools for bloggers are also offering blog links from other online resources. Thus, you can find new opportunities for link building and backlink management with such SEO tools.

What link building tools would be the most suitable for your blog? The number of available tools for link building is enormous, so you first need to check reviews on link building websites. Based on them, you would be able to make some conclusions about what tools for bloggers would be the most suitable for you. In order to save you time for reading those reviews, we have prepared this article that lists tools for bloggers and provides their essential characteristics.

Link Building Tools for Bloggers

Backlink Checker

This is one of the tools provided by the Ranktracker SEO suite, though Backlink Checker can be obtained as a standalone solution. Backlink Checker allows you to monitor the backlink profiles of your competitors and discover what strategies work for them. You will see such information as the domain rating, total number of backlinks, and the percentage of nofollow links of your competitor’s website. This data would help you to adjust your personal link building strategy.


Most likely you are searching for an original link that would come from a high domain authority website. Here comes the Hunter tool to help you find such websites and backlinks. This link building tool is very effective for outreach link building campaigns as it offers email addresses of web resources. These contact details belong to webmasters and marketers of those websites that would work external linking and accept guest posts.

SEMrush Link Building Tool

SEMrush is one of the most widely known holistic solutions offering an all-in-one SEO kit with dozens of tools in it. Link Building Tool is one of those tools inside the SEMrush SEO instrument. It provides prospective opportunities for link building after analyzing your keywords and current backlink profile. You will obtain the contact information of those websites that Link Building Tool considers useful for your link building campaign. Thus, you will be able to perform your outreach campaign and monitor ongoing results with comfort.


Serpstat is a holistic SEO platform for bloggers that deals with the entire spectrum of SEO-related tasks. In particular, the link-building tool allows you to control internal linking discussed at and external backlinking from other resources. The Backlink checker by Serpstat helps you check the quality of backlinks and detect shoddy ones to be removed. Serpstat also can generate ideas for the best anchor texts for your website’s backlinks.


This is a paid tool for bloggers that you can use for backlink monitoring, PR, and digital marketing. The basic plan allows you to monitor up to 1000 links simultaneously, create email schedules, use email templates for effective outreach campaigns, etc.


Similar to BuzzStream, Respona is also a paid SEO tool for link building that is also actively used by digital marketers. Respona, in fact, addresses a wide range of SEO and marketing tasks. It allows you to find suitable opportunities for guest posting, discover unlinked mentions of your brand, and find broken links your website might benefit from. Owing to Respona, you can outreach influencers for collaboration via website backlinks, social media ads, or other marketing channels.

Link Prospector

This is one of the best SEO tools for bloggers that allow you to promote your content effectively. If you create great articles or quality infographics, the world must notice them, and Link Prospector will help you with that. This tool reveals a list of resources depending on your purposes of content promotion and the preferable sources for that. Link Prospector will present you to content promoters, conversational platforms, professional organizations, blogs, and other resources that would likely be interested in your content.


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