Star Wars: Hunters – Expected Release Date

Star Wars is an epic series that has a huge fan base across the world. Basically, this franchise has gained a cult following. Star Wars fans always make sure that they never miss a thing related to it.

Star Wars have been making games for the consoles and PC for a long time. They have better graphics with a good storyline as well as incredible mechanisms for the players to enjoy the game to the fullest.

Recently, some rumors started to circulate on the internet that there’s a game currently in development for Nintendo Switch. It means that people who are on Switch will be getting a new-gen Star Wars game on their console. Furthermore, reports suggest that it will be released on Android and iOS devices as well.

People who do gaming on smartphones can experience the Star Wars: Hunters game on their Android and iOS devices.

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Star Wars: Hunters Release Date:

The game’s publisher Zynga has hinted that they will be releasing the game this year. The game was announced back in February 2021. According to the reports, it is under development, and it might take much longer than anticipated. Many rumors were out in 2021 that they would be releasing the game in 2021, but the year ended, and still, the players are looking for the game.

Currently, the reports and rumors say that the publisher will be releasing the game at some point in 2022. They don’t have a release date right now. However, the game is in the ‘soft launch’ stage on iOS, which means you can play it in some territories. Also, people can sign up and pre-register to get additional rewards once the game is launched.

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Star Wars: Hunters Gameplay and Characters:

Star Wars: Hunters have revealed their gameplay and characters. As per the reports, it will have new maps, characters, and Huttball. Hutball is an 8-on-8 mode that is pretty similar to Capture the Flag from many multiplayer games. In addition to this, they have added two new characters to the game.

One is Skora (a doctor from the Rodian species who can heal its teammates) as well as Sprocket, a genius who is into technology and controls droids for offensive and defensive purposes. Other characters are Storm Troopers, Wookies, Jawas, different droids, and other galactic vagabonds.

Star Wars’ fanatics and gaming enthusiasts can expect this game to be released this year. It will be an amazing experience to play with their squadmates.

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