FaZe Clan x Ducky One Keyboard: Price, Release Date, Pictures, and Specs

FaZe Clan is one of the best gaming teams in the Esports world. Many gamers know about this team of gamers, content creators, streamers, and Esports competitive players. They have been in the gaming world for a long time, and they have a huge fan following around the whole world.

FaZe Clan has been doing collaborations and limited editions with many top companies in the gaming world and lifestyle world. They have rolled out merchandise as well as FaZe Clan content in many games. Throughout the years, FaZe Clan has made it to the top in the gaming world.

Furthermore, FaZe Clan has teased that they will be collaborating with the top-notch peripheral company, Ducky.

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Ducky Keyboards:

Ducky Keyboards are the best mechanical keyboards that are available in the market. The build quality of these keyboards is on another level. The switches that are used in these keyboards are Cherry MX, Gaterons, TTC, and Kailh. All of these switches are made up of high-end quality materials that ensure to give you the best gaming and writing experience.

Ducky Keyboards are highly customizable. You don’t have to solder and desolder the switches, as they are hot-swappable. You can equip different keycaps to your keyboard according to your preferences. Users can choose different switches to equip their keyboards. Moreover, they have the best RGB lighting on the keyboard. Also, you can control the RGB from the dedicated software. These keyboards have detachable Type-C cable, which makes it easier for the user to take the keyboard anywhere.

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FaZe Clan x Ducky One Keyboard:

As per the reports, FaZe Clan is in talks with Ducky to release a limited edition keyboard for gaming fanatics. This keyboard will be based on the latest addition of Ducky One 3. At the moment, nobody is sure about the variants, but as far as the leaks which have circulated on the internet, One 3 Mini will be getting the FaZe Clan edition.

According to the rumors, it will have FaZe Clan branding on the keycaps as well as on the whole board. Many leaks show that the keycaps will be available in the red color.

The keyboard will be released in May, but the dates aren’t confirmed yet. As per the reports, the keyboard will be available for a limited time at the FaZe Clan’s warehouse, aka The Armory by FaZe, which is situated in Los Angeles. Gamers who are waiting for this incredible collaboration can pre-order the keyboard.

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