Epic Games Mystery Game for May 2022: What Game You Should Expect? Details of Mega Sale Items


According to the reports and leaks, Epic Games Mystery Game for the upcoming release will be something from Rockstar Games

Epic Games Mystery Game:

As per the leaks and clues, it says that Epic Games will be taking off the curtain and revealing that the Mystery Game will be Max Payne 3 from Rockstar Games.

This is the leak that is circulating on the internet as well as social media. Epic Game Store Weibo account from China has formed some theories and clues for the gamers that the upcoming game Epic Games Mystery Game will be the successor of Max Payne 2.

The picture that the Chinese EGS Weibo account has posted that it shows the illustration of a man who is in sunglasses while lighting a $100 bill. As per the rumors and leaks, the image is an exact replica of a scene from the Hong Kong movie A Better Tomorrow.

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According to the users from Reddit, one of the users who goes by the name of Responsible-River63 says that A Better Tomorrow movie shares the same Chinese translation name with the Max Payne series.

The same user also says that the Max Payne 3 was originally released on the PC platform back on 29th May 2012 for the North American region. Basically, it will have its ten year anniversary.

Moreover, in other reports, Rockstar has just announced remastering the game’s soundtrack, and the publisher was a part of Epic Games mystery vault with GTA 5 in 2020.

Other reports and theories suggest that it might be Sleeping Dogs because A Better Tomorrow is a Hong Kong movie. Meanwhile, some predictions tell that Yakuza or Stranglehold.

The gamers around the world are connecting the dots to get which game Epic Games will surprise us with on 26th May 2022.

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Mega Sale Items:

Epic Games is letting its users claim the following bundles for the cost of nothing. The items are as follows:

  • Fortnite Volcanic Assassin Quest Pack
  • Rocket League Wheels Deal
  • Warframe Giveaway

Users on EGS can also participate in the Mega Sale that is scheduled to last till 16th of June. There will be a wave of fantastic discounts on the Epic Games Store for the users, and they can secure all the AAA titles if they want to. It is no doubt the best time to get your gaming shopping done.

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