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The reality is that nowadays a vast majority of companies are on social media in one way or another. But just because you have various social media profiles/pages, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re active enough on them.

And that’s one of the biggest mistakes that most businesses make. Namely, a lot of them think that it’s enough to simply create a profile/page, fill in the About me section and that’s about it. But that’s far from enough.

If you want your firm to thrive and attract more consumers (and retain the old ones), then you must invest a lot of effort to boost your social media presence. If you want to know what needs to be done in these instances, then just follow the advice below.

Smart Steps To Take To Enhance Social Media Presence

Focus On Setting SMART Goals

The first question that needs to be asked is why are you using social media in the first place. If you’re quite vague and fuzzy about your answer, then you most likely have a problem. If that’s currently the case with you, then it would be wise to opt for a high-quality concept, known as SMART.

What do we know about it? Namely, this strategy has been present for many, many years and can be of huge help to anyone who is trying to “take over” social media platforms. In a nutshell, as an entrepreneur, you must set goals that are:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable 
  • Relevant 
  • Time-bound

One of the best examples of it, for instance, is to say that you will boost your Instagram response rate by twenty percent in the next few months. 

  • Specific – you’ve identified the social media platform (Instagram) and metric
  • Measurable – the response rate can be gauged from the Sprout Social dashboard
  • Achievable – your company didn’t make an impossible goal of, for example, a 100% increase in a week
  • Relevant – your aim is going to influence your overall social media presence and make it very relevant
  • Time-bound – your goal must be met within a few months

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Opt For OKR

There’s definitely a difference between the posts of “regular” people and businesses. Namely, firms do not see the point of sharing pictures of their meals, shopping sprees, and/or gathering with their friends.

Instead, they should employ social media to build their brand, lead conversion, and other business-related stuff. Succeeding in social media isn’t always easy, however, many renowned companies, like Google and Netflix seem to do it perfectly well.

The question is how? The secret lies in an omnipotent tool called OKR. It stands for “Objectives and Key Results” and lots of marketing teams can benefit from OKRs when they want to set, map out and track all their goals related to social media. OKR consists of two parts: Objectives and Key Results.

  1. Objectives – any venture you want to take into account, you do so with a certain objective in mind. This objective could literally be anything, starting from optimizing resources to boosting sales. The main goal of these objectives is to help your firm thrive. 
  2. Key results – key results can be defined as a numerically-based expression of the progress you’ve made toward an Objective. Bear in mind that key results must be something that can be gauged utilizing numbers, meaning they should be inherently measurable. It’s essential that you’re capable of measuring the success you are making just to make sure you are executing your objectives in the best possible way.

Adding More Useful Tips And Tricks Down Below

Pay Attention To The Latest Trends

When embarking on this journey, it’s crucial to get yourself familiar with the latest trends because that’s one of the surefire ways to have tons of followers. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you should mindlessly embrace any trending topic.

Instead, you should pick the one that seems like a good one and determine how you can add more value to it. In these situations, you must express your creativity and post something that’s going to immediately draw a lot of readers. 

Do Not Pick Just About Any Social Media Platform 

Although all these platforms are generally very beneficial, it doesn’t mean that you should be present on every single one of them. Instead, opt for the one(s) that seems like a perfect match for your business. But how can you tell which one is right for you?

  • Facebook – this one should be used if you’ve launched your business relatively recently, and you want to effectively build relationships and generate leads.
  • LinkedIn – this one can be employed by both B2C and B2B companies to develop trust, attract more audience and build authority.
  • Pinterest – this visually appealing platform is ideal for firms with a certain visual appeal, like fashion, hotels, restaurants, travel, etc. Just keep in mind that this one is intended more for social discovery than social networking.
  • Twitter – Twitter is perfect for companies that want to attract a younger audience (under the age of 50) and who love to stay on top of time-sensitive info, such as trending topics and breaking news.
  • Instagram – it is widely known by now that this social medial platform is intended for creative people who love posting beautiful pictures and videos. You can do so, as well, to present your service/product in the most winsome way.
  • TikTok – the youngest social media platform, but for sure one of the most powerful ones for the time being. With it, you can easily attract new followers, particularly the younger ones (teens).

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Don’t Forget Customer Service

These days, instead of calling a company whenever they need something or want to ask questions, consumers send a message on social media. That’s precisely one of the reasons why you must focus on having top-notch customer service. Helping your customers is an amazing way to expand your social media presence and take it up a notch.


At first glance, it may appear to be easy to boost your social media presence, however, as you can see, there are various things that you must do to improve it. So go ahead, and be sure to implement at least one of these tips.

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