Rust Console Update 1.35 Is Here. What To Expect From It?


Rust’s console update is arriving soon, and it will be available to download to everyone on gaming platforms, as the reports said. Gamers have to wait for some time to experience the game.

Rust Console Update 1.35:

According to the reports, it says the gamers are waiting to try out the all-new content that will be able to download for every console gamer. Everyone has to try it before the monthly wipe completes.

As per the reports, the Deadly Catch update will be marking the one-year anniversary of Rust Console Edition.

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The developers were testing this latest patch before the public launch, and it is all set to launch on PS4 and Xbox One for everyone to experience.

As mentioned above, the Rust Console Update will be arriving soon. It will start to roll out before the monthly server wipe happens. The new content will be going live across gaming platforms, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms.

As stated by Developers Double Eleven, the new Deadly Catch patch is packed with new content to the game that includes new items to craft and use.

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Deadly Catch Details:

According to the developer, they have added many new items and fresh content for the players. The devs team has confirmed new Thompson Rifle skin will be coming to the Rust Console Edition that will be free to claim for every player. It won’t be available to claim right after the patch has gone live.

The new features and items are as follows:

  • Fishing Villages: The Fishing Villages will be the new monuments added in the Deadly Catch update. Two variants will be present on the map, a smaller one and a bigger one. They are safe zones, just like The Bandit Camp, so there’s no fighting will be happening inside it, or the turrets will get you. Inside these Fishing Villages, players will find traders selling Blueprints for the Kayaks, Paddle, and Handmade Fishing Rod. They will be dealing with the gear and boats. Players can sell their fish via vending machines to make some money.
  • Fishing: Fishing will be the new mini-game that will allow the players to catch a variety of fish depending on where they are and the type of bait you will be using during the fishing. Rivers, lakes, and ocean shores will all provide different fish, and some of them can only be obtained using the right bait. Players have to find the bait from hemp, pumpkins, and corn plants to help them with their fishing needs.
  • Kayaks: Kayaks will be useful to help you get to the Oil Rigs without the need for fuel with low grading or splashing out the scrap for a better boat. You can purchase Blueprint for the Kayak and the Paddle.

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