The Google Pixel Watch Finally Revealed: All You Need To Know


There have been rumors of a pixel watch for quite a long time, and Google has finally confirmed its arrival, with the watch releasing somewhere in the mid or end of 2022.

After the Google I/O 2022, it is now confirmed that the highly anticipated Google watch is finally set to release this year. Google’s Pixel phones have seen quite a bit of success, and it has also been developing other products, so it is no secret that it is now ready to release the Pixel watch and give some competition to some of its biggest rivals in the market.

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When Does The Google Pixel Watch Release?

Google first acknowledged that it was working on a smart watch somewhere in 2018. In the recent I/O conference of 2022, it was confirmed that a smartwatch was coming. It also launched the Pixel 6a alongside the smartwatch tease, which created some speculations that the pixel watch might be released with Pixel 7 and pro smartphones.

Another thing Google did was give a preview of its upcoming Pixel tablet which no one has anticipated.

What Are The Features Of The Pixel Watch?

Not much is known about the pixel watch as of now. However, google showed a few official press photos of the watch, which depicts that the watch is modern and has a circular design. The company described the design as a “bold circular, domed design” accompanied by a “tactile crown”.

Recycled steel is used to make the outer casing of the watch and attached to it are silicone straps which will attach on to the hand.

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The software used will probably be Wear OS, version 3.0, but there are rumors that the version may have been updated to 3.1.

Google also said that the watch would have Fitbit’s health and fitness tools. This is quite a significant advancement, as many more users will be able to experience Fitbit’s technology and make use of it.

The rear of the watch is also expected to have a heart rate monitor, and the smartwatch has a thick and classy shape. It is also anticipated that this smartwatch will come with a storage of 32 GB and will be available in the colors gray, gold and black.

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Let’s See What More Google Has In Store With this Watch

Even though a few speculations have been made, there is a lot that is not known about the watch and fans are eagerly waiting to see what more features the watch has in store for them.

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