What is a Dedicated IP Used For? 

What is a Dedicated IP Used For? 

A dedicated IP address is a one-of-a-kind IP address that is entirely dedicated to you. Unlike a shared IP, which is accessible to numerous users on a shared web server, a dedicated IP is tied to only one account. So, if you use the dedicated IP service of a VPN server, you’ll get the same IP address every time you connect, and it won’t be shared with anybody else.

Now, let’s get into the specifics of the situations in which you can use a dedicated IP.

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To avoid annoying CAPTCHAs

If you’re one of the many users with the same IP address, you’re likely to run into a CAPTCHA problem while you use the internet. When a large number of users from the same IP address go online at the same time, protection systems may mistake you for a bot sending automated traffic. CAPTCHA was designed for these situations to distinguish machines from humans.

It’s quite inconvenient to have your Google sessions, which are generally a completely uninterrupted experience, repeatedly disrupted by captchas. This is where a dedicated IP kicks in.

When you use the same IP address every time you go online, it’s less probable that protection systems will regard you as a bot. As a result, there will be fewer captchas to complete. We have a feeling that you won’t miss them at all.

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To have a smoother remote work experience

As of lately, remote work has exploded in popularity, with an increasing number of individuals working remotely for corporations or as freelancers. In fact, approximately 62% of employees aged 22 to 65 say that they work remotely at least occasionally.

Workers need access to crucial and central files regardless of whether they’re working on the road, at home, or from a distant location, and this is where a dedicated IP VPN comes into play.

A dedicated IP provides you with total secrecy if you have a dependable VPN host. Dedicated IPs are a blessing for remote workers since they increase your privacy and allow you to work anywhere you want.

Anyone can steal your account or use your information for their own purposes if you don’t take the required measures. A static or dedicated IP allows you to interact and accomplish each operation with perfect anonymity, ensuring that your work stays strictly confidential.

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To access geo-restricted services

Geo-restriction is the practice of limiting internet material access based on location. And it is the reason you can’t find your favorite TV series on Netflix. Dedicated IPs are extremely useful for gaining access to geo-restricted services. Netflix, for example, is less likely to restrict an IP that is used by a single person than one that is used by lots of people. Therefore, most basic VPN services are unable to access geo-restricted services while a VPN with dedicated IP can provide you with a hassle-free experience.

To do safe banking transactions

Online banking has become an indispensable part of our lives. Personal data thieves and hackers, on the other hand, see it as a profitable sector. With a dedicated VPN, you can limit online access to your bank account to your private IP address exclusively. Since the only way in is through your own dedicated IP, you can avoid any form of incident or security breach.

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Final words

Dedicated IPs are used by a large number of people for many reasons ranging from security to functionality. If you want to benefit from a dedicated IP address without any risks involved, you should take a look at some reputable providers such as NordLayer dedicated IP.

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