How to Keep Your Computer Safe?

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Since you had your first computer, keeping your computer safe has been one of your top priorities. As the hackers are getting better and better, you also need to make sure that your computer is even safer. Sticking to that old password and storing all your pictures and videos may not be a good idea. Here you get some tips on how to keep your digital belongings safe.

Create a New Password

One of the first things that we needed to create when we started using computers, is the password. Some have changed them over the years, but some people also stick to the old ones. Over the years many websites have been hacked and passwords have been leaked. This means that your password might be available online by just doing simple Google searches. You can make your password impossible to crack with this link. The password generator will find a new password for you, that will help protect your data. After that, you just need to change it on your desired sites. 

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Inspect Your Firewall

The firewall monitors any incoming and outgoing traffic from your computer. It will permit or block the data packages based on the security settings. Therefore, it can be a good idea to check your firewall settings. It is the first point of entry for potential hackers, so it should be one of the first places to look. Make sure that you only share files on your home network, so anyone from outside your home can’t access your files. If you don’t want to share files with anyone you can disable file and media sharing completely. 

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Use Cloud Services 

Using a cloud service can help keep your data safe in several ways. Some hackers tend to use ransomware, which means that they will keep your personal data and make it unavailable to you. They will try to extort you and tell you that you will need to pay a ransom to get the data back. Using a cloud service can protect you and your business from this, as you can store your data through an online cloud service. This means that you will have your data in a separate cloud, and therefore in another place. 

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Don’t Share Personal Information

If your data has been compromised and you are told to pay a ransom, you should never do it. The hackers will try to lure your credit card details, so they can get even more money from you. You shouldn’t even share your pet’s name or mother’s maiden name on social media, as it is often used as a security question for a password reset. Only share credit card information and personal information with sites that you trust.  

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Use Your Common Sense 

In general, you should always use your common sense when using your computer, as you do in any other aspect of life. If something is too good to be true, then it probably is. If a TV wears a 90 % discount badge in a store, you probably won’t believe it and you will ask an employee at the store. Do the same when dealing online, ask the internet. There are tons of review sites and forums that can help you. Stay aware when you download from the internet and make sure to use a reliable download client if you download from pages like YouTube through a third-party downloader. Use these tips and you can stay safe and online. 

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